Jun 30, 2012

Summer Fun

My first week of summer break has come to an end...already.  Why do vacation weeks go by so much faster than working weeks??  

Well I would like to say I spent my first fabulous week of summer traveling the world or doing something daring and exciting...but in reality I spent this past week organizing all my craft supplies.  And yes, that may not sound like anything worth writing about, and it may sound particularly unexciting and even dreadful, but for me, this was life altering.

I have more than enough craft supplies to stock my own JoAnn's...it's ridiculous really.  And my crafty goods have been living in totally inaccessible bins for probably a good ten years or so.  It's been SUCH a challenge trying to make goodies while having my creativity squashed by the frustration of trying to craft amongst disorganization.  My supplies were buried under one another or hiding here and stuffed away there and as a result I just had no desire to be crafty.

But now, after a week of constructing shelves and drawers, sorting through beads, ribbons, fabrics, and the like, I can craft with such freedom!  I did a search on Pinterest for craft rooms and craft organization and found some of the most gorgeous craft rooms...that's what inspired me to get organized.  Granted I don't have a beautiful craft room to put my newly organized goods in, but at least they are organized now so that when I eventually get my dreamy craft room, it will be so easy to move right in ;)  

Here are a few of my favorite craft rooms from Pinterest...(that's a link to my Pinterest board...hope it works!)

The Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA is probably my most favorite organizational purchase.  It's changed my life! ;)

Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA (photo from IKEA website)

And now I just need to decide what I would like to make as my first summer project using such orderly materials!

A Girl's Gotta Love Her Accessories

We all know that accessories will add that extra bit of pizzazz to an outfit and can completely change your look from nothing special to absolutely adorable.  Well here is my new, most absolute favorite accessory!

A totally blinged out bell for my bike!  So glam.  I love it.
My bike is pretty much my most favorite purchase of all times, and it was darling before, but now it's TOO cute...I mean so cute I can hardly stand it!  I took a ride today and took every opportunity to ring that little bell.

SO fun.

Jun 16, 2012

Some Layouts and Such...

Been slacking on the digi-scrapping of late, but here are a few cute new layouts I made using some fancy products from Jessica Sprague's online shop!

Also, I have yet another logo idea for my lil' design business...what do you think??  I kinda like it...it's a bit more sophisticated, simple, and clean...
My goal for the summer is to get this business all set up and ready to take on the world!  I want to get the website designed, take some of my wares to the local boutiques, and just start sharing my special stuff with YOU!  :) 

In Case You Were Wondering...

The answer is yes...
Yes I did in fact return everything I purchased in my recent super duper shopping spree.

So now I'm back at square one. 
I have absolutely nothing to wear.
Oh Lordy.  I drive myself crazy.

Jun 4, 2012

Shopping Spreeeeeeee!

Been doing quite a bit of digi-scrapping lately using all my fabulous new goodies from the JS Creative Team.  Oh the designers' work just makes me drool.  There's some serious cuteness over there.  Here are a few of my recent layouts using products from the shop...

Now, speaking of cuteness, I went on a shopping spree this weekend and picked up some super cute things.  And when I say "shopping spree," I for reals mean I went on a seriously full-blown spree.

I usually buy one or two random things here and there while casually perusing the mall, but this weekend...oh this weekend it was a legit shopping spree.  It was amazing.

Here's the background to justify my spree:  Basically, I have cleaned out my wardrobe to the point that getting ready for work and weekend play is a painful task and makes me (and my boyfriend) want to pull my hair out.  The BF seriously has wanted to smother me with a pillow.  I can't wear heels right now so I am forced to wear flat shoes of which I own one pair and one pair only; my pants are altered for heels so they look ridiculous with that one invaluable pair of flats; I have a few dresses but they need some sort of sandal and sweater to look somewhat decent, both of which I do not own, and a slip of some kind is beyond necessary for them to be work appropriate; I have no tee shirts or casual tops to just throw on and go; shorts or capris for the summer?  Nope.  I have none of those...oh I could go on and on...it's a mess really.  Just random articles of clothing with no outfits to belong to...good times.

Well, thank goodness the BF has incredible fashion sense and felt the need to step in and regulate.  And regulate he did!  He called Nordstrom and set up an appointment for me to meet with a stylist who would help me shop.  I had no idea you could do that!  It's heavenly.  Basically, I met with a gal who did all the shopping for me!  I sat in the dressing room while the little fashion guru brought me all sorts of cute pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses, and even shoes for me to try on.  It was SO fun...like seriously SO fun.

Two hours later I was handing over my credit card and walking out the door with several bags of cuteness.*  We won't discuss the damage done to my credit card...in fact I didn't even look.  Ha!  Ya know, I think there's nothing wrong with pretending you're a Kardashian once in your life and having a little fashion fun.

I'd never done that before.

I was on a retail high for hours and hours and hours.

It was amazing.

Here's a shot of one of the pairs of shoes I purchased:

*Note: I will most likely return everything I purchased later this week.