Aug 31, 2010

List Love #3

Yes, it's true that we are just a mere baby step away from September but...


That so does not mean it's time to bring out the pumpkins and Halloween candy for goodness sakes. August is still here for a few more hours which means FYI: summer totally is too.

Unfortunately I don't have much sway on the corporate giants of America. Baby Gap and Pottery Barn Kids have their kiddie Halloween costumes ready for purchase, Target has aisles lined with Halloween candy, and well...Starbucks began selling their pumpkins products this week...

If Starbucks has declared that it is now Fall, then Fall it shall be.

Now, I have nothing against Fall, no ill will toward it whatsoever; it's just that time is zipping by at an uncomfortably rapid pace. If it's now Fall then that means it's almost winter which means it's almost Christmas and the next thing I know, it'll be an entirely new year altogether!!

But let's regain our focus. Fall, or specifically September, is a lovely time to make a To-Do List. I love lists of all kinds as we know, but I really love To-Do lists. Now being that it's the start of a new season, and a new school year, and a new month, it would make sense to revisit my already revisited summer goals...


we are very much not going to do that.

I peeked at them and I have not accomplished a single one. That's just so awesome of me.
So we are moving on.
New season, new goals...

Fall's To-Do List:
1. Allow my running injuries to heal and sign up for at least one 5K or 10K
2. Take that darn photography class I've been blabbing about (for reals)
3. Bake a yummy dessert for a party/holiday (I want to become a whiz in the kitchen, but I think making one baked good is a good goal for me as I am easily lost in the kitchen)
4. Start figuring out/organizing/researching what I must do to sell my design/photo/illustrative work
5. Make a vision board (I've kinda already started this so this is a good one to put on the list ;)
6. Find an evening yoga class (now that I'm back to work I can no longer go in the mornings)
7. Start looking for a new apartment (also already started this so I'm rocking this list!)

Totally unrelated, but here is a photo I took in's the Notre Dame Basilica (yes, there's one in Montreal too)...I made the photo artsy and vintage looking...I like it.

Aug 30, 2010

Back To School...

Well, summer is officially over.
I headed over to my classroom today to start getting things in order for the new school year. This first week before school begins is kinda bittersweet. It's always a bit of a downer to see summer come to an end, but at the same time, it's nice to get back to work and on a regular schedule...the start of a new year is always filled with energy and excitement and it's fun to be a part of that.

I thought I'd show a pic of the quilt I made years ago that hangs in my classroom.
I love it.
I just hung it up today to symbolically ring in the new year.

Also I found these and think they are the greatest back to school snack.

I kinda want to make them for my kiddos. But being that I teach junior high school, I not only have like 180 kiddos, but also they are SOOO COOL and would probably not find edible crayons to be as cute as I do.

image credits: edible crayons by Gourmet Mom on-the-Go

Aug 26, 2010

I Heart Owlies

I am a big fan of anything owl.  





I heart these sheets so much.
Yes they are from Pottery Barn Kids, but I think they just may come in big people sizes too!

 Brooke Sheeting, by Pottery Barn Kids

Aug 25, 2010

I Love Lists.

I am thinking I must have this for my lists.

and these to write my lists with!

image credits:
modernemotive's project to do notepad
Snifty Scented Watermelon Pen from Stubby Pencil Studios

Aug 24, 2010

Coupon Clutter

Every now and then...
(ok, ok, ok, very often)...
I get into CRAZY cleaner SUPER organization mode.

Today was one of those days.

Cleaned the apartment top to bottom...

weeeeeeell...I did skip over the dust collecting on my mini-blinds as that is the worst cleaning task EVER. But in exchange, I tackled the incredibly large pile of coupons sitting on my counter.
It needed to go.



I made this:

to hold my coupons!! It's kinda fun...

p.s. these are seriously terrible photos...please disregard the quality :P

Aug 23, 2010

Farmers Market Finds

Really, nothing compares to fresh fruits and veggies from a Farmers Market.
Here are some shots I took at the Farmers Market in Montreal...
one of our most favorite of all the sites...

Oh how I wish I could have taken this entire case of breads home with me.

Aug 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So I made it home from my worldly travels in one piece.


The security search process at the Canadian airport is unreal. It's more thorough than my complete physicals at the doctor for goodness sakes. But I am home now and while I love traveling the world, I do love to be home.

Montreal is a great city. Very busy. Lots of people bustling about, racing to catch the metro or zipping their bikes in and out of street traffic. It feels much like the downtowns of U.S. cities lined with sky rises, the air littered with sirens and bleeting horns, and oh boy shopping galore! But what separates Montreal from the cities I am familiar with is the adorable cobblestone streets and quaint boutiques located in various pockets of the feel as if you have been transported to Paris or Venice...European cities dripping with history everywhere you turn. It's just so different from the stucco enthusiast cookie cutter neighborhood in which I live.

When traveling in foreign lands you can count on experiencing a steep learning curve when negotiating your way through the unfamiliar culture. I learned a few things from the French-Canadians that I thought I would share with you in case you too venture up to visit our friendly neighbors of the north.

I learned...
1. that the Canadians adore "smoked meat"...exactly what kind of "meat" that is I have yet to discover but everywhere you turn smoked meat is available to you.

2. the definition of the word "funicular" (or funiculaire in French)...and I was even transported from one location to another in one.

3. the "skinny" slack (work pant) is totally in right now for guys.

4. French Canadians have a sixth sense. Even though I would offer a friendly "bon jour" (in my best french accent of course) they would reply with "hello, how are you today?" in perfect English. They just KNEW I was American. There was no tricking those guys.

5. Tim Horton's is Montreal's Starbucks. You can't walk 10 feet in any direction without running into one. I didn't actually enter one so I can't tell you what it is exactly, but it is a favorite establishment of theirs for sure.

6. Frozen yogurt, which is my fave, is very much NOT their fave. Which I suppose is to be expected from a city that spends a good amount of it's time in sub-zero temperatures.

7. The metro offers THE BEST people watching. Ever. Of all time.

I did manage to find a Starbucks...actually many Starbucks! Phew! and had to take a pic :)


I'll post more pics once I download them and jazz them up a bit ;)
Have a great day!!

Aug 16, 2010


I kinda forgot to mention that I would be doing a bit of worldly travel this week...
I will be spending the week in Montreal so my posts will probably be few and far between until I return this weekend...
Can't wait to share my photos with you!
Have a wonderful week!

Aug 13, 2010

All Hemmed Up

In my opinion, getting a package in the mail is pretty much the best thing.


Especially when said package contains a brand new pair of jeans.
Yep I finally found THE jeans and they arrived TODAY! *big smiles*
Really nothing compares to the look and feel of a new pair of jeans...the wash is just the perfect color and the crisp new denim hugs in all the right places...they are just perfect.



It seems that jeans these days, are being made for extraordinarily tall people. I need to dramatically hem each and every pair. And at 5'6" I don't think I would be considered a short person. Anyways, the new jeans arrived today and they were waaaaaaay too long. Since I am heading out of town this weekend and want to bring them with me, there is no time to take them to the alterations place. So I decided to learn how to hem a pair of jeans on my own. I simply looked it up on the web and found this fabulous tutorial and well...........
hemming is like THE EASIEST thing!
I can't believe I've been paying someone else to do it for me all this time!
So my jeans are all hemmed and ready to go. Yay!
Here they are...and no, this pic isn't my actual pair, it's the image from the web of the same jean :)

Rock and Republic Kassandra Book Cut Jean

Aug 12, 2010


Orla Kiely, that is. Her products are really really adorable. I want everything from the mugs, to notecards, to well, the bags! I am a sucker for great bags.

Check these out...
oh and p.s. the last one is a little suitcase but that can so count as a bag...kinda.

Striped Petal Print Sling Bag

Punched Stem Rosemary Bag
Small Crosshatch Stem Sling Bag

Tripp Cabin Upright

*all images courtesy of

So I'm Thinking...

...that I would be one happy girl if a handful of these were in my closet.

Ummm hello???! So darn cute.

Here are a few little darlings that I am specifically lusting over:

Origami Camillia Dress by Anthropologie

Choreographed Dress, by Anthropologie

Vappu Dress, by Anthropologie

Doubly Adorned Dress, by Anthropologie

Oh one can dream... ;)

Aug 11, 2010

List Love #2

The ability to not only capture a truly beautiful image, but one that conveys very real human emotion is a talent I really admire.

A lot.

And SO wish I had.

Today's list is a collection of my favorite photographers...I want to be JUST like them one day :)
...or maybe, just buy all their work!

1. Nicole Hill
2. Max Wanger
3. Justin Hackworth
4. Relish Photography
5. Linn Woodard at Peaceliving Blog (one of my bff's)
6. Irene Suchoki
7. Livy at A Field Journal Blog
8. Sixth and Main Photography

P.S. this is the camera I am thinking will make me a fabulous photographer ;) ...there is a newer model out, but it's a bit more pricey and I think this one is just as good and so I think I am gonna get it!

image: Canon Rebel T1i

Aug 10, 2010

A Kick in the Bum THAT is an excellent point.


Sometimes I just fiddle the day away looking at pretty things on-line. I love this poster by Frank Chimero, one the grooviest designers in the whooooooooole world, because it gives me that much needed motivational kick in the bum.
Hop off the web it says, and make some cute things of your own gosh darn it!

image credit: Frank Chimero

Aug 9, 2010

Boot Camp for Brain Cells

So, a few months ago I decided that my brain cells needed some stimulation. Spending most of my day with 12 and 13 years olds (I teach junior high) isn't quite cutting it. Anyways, I heard that crossword puzzles are supposedly one of the most superb forms of exercise for our little brain cells and can even help prevent Alzheimer's. Hence my new found love for the crossword puzzle.

I currently do the USA Today puzzle online. It's the best of them all because I can fill in about a third of it on my own...AND you know if you have the correct letter because it will be black and letters in the wrong place are red. This comes in super handy when I'm stuck on a letter...I just go through all the letters until I hit a black one! Yeah I'm that person.

I also use the internet when I am super stuck which should SO be allowed cuz some of the clues are just REALLY out there. Like take this for instance...

A four letter fruit that looks like it's name.
Well I instantly thought PEAR or ORANGE both of which are too obvious and well, Orange is too long...As I worked through the puzzle I found out that the fruit word starts with a U!! Are you kidding me? I so looked that up online. See if you can find'll chuckle :)

Now the most awesome part of the USA Today puzzle is that it keeps track of your time. I beat my record last night with a 35:44. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked.

image credit: unknown! If it's yours please let me know!

Aug 6, 2010

I'm SO Getting This...

Cake Pops, by Bakerella


a) I'm a sucker for cute

b) I perhaps need to improve a few* of my kitchen skills

c) Her blog is filled with fabulousness and I want to support her cuz she rocks

d) Did I mention the book's filled with sugary form...
Seriously, what's better than that?

*ok ok, i need to improve ALL of my kitchen skills

Aug 5, 2010

Jeans Update

Update on the desired jeans mentioned below:

They no longer have my size.

The search continues...

Denim Dilemma

I have decided that I need a new pair of jeans. Now the thing is, as my mother pointed out, I have kind of...

sort of...


a lot of jeans already. BUT here's the thing...each pair has it's own very specific purpose and occasion in which it is appropriate for wear so it really and truly is essential that I have so many pairs as a part of my wardrobe...

The Breakdown:
1. the skinnies (one blue pair and one black) can only be worn with slouchy boots and that is SO a winter ensemble (I can't pull off the skinnies with sandals look)
2. my flared Sevens are for work because they have the trouser hem
3. my Jbrands are tight and stylish and therefore only for a night on the town
4. my black Hudsons are...well, they are black and black gives jeans a bit more of a formal look, so definitely not for the every day, but more for a nicer night out or snappy casual parties
5. my Wiliam Rasts are for casual every day wear but are totally old and stretched out
6. my blue Hudsons are also for every day and are also totally old and stretched out
7. the Paige jeans don't fit right

So my current plan is to take the Paige denim, blue Hudsons, and William Rasts out of rotation and purchase just one new pair of every day jeans. I am on the hunt as we speak. And seriously, shopping for jeans is probably the most difficult shopping venture of them all.

Anyways, the main point I am getting at is that I don't want to simply throw these old jeans away...I would like to use the denim to make something super cool.

What can you make with old denim?? I am looking for a really great sewing project.

I think this would be cool but jeans don't exactly have large flat sections of hit seams and pockets and stuff so I am not sure this bag is THE project...

Please let me know if you have any fabulous ideas!

oh FYI...these are the new jeans I am considering...

image credits: Rock and Republic, Scorpion Jean

Aug 4, 2010

List Love

Sooooooo...I've injured my foot...I have some kind of running injury that supposedly takes three to six months to heal.

Yes, I did say THREE TO SIX MONTHS. I'm so upset. But I guess that means I will not only have a lot more time to blog, but my whining and complaining about the injury will make for some awesome postings. Get excited.

Ok, just kidding...I don't really whine or complain...that much.

Anyways, I've spent quite a bit of my day today just sitting here with an ice pack on my foot, surfing the interwebs and blog hopping. In my travels I came upon Crazy Sexy Life. Not only is the title of this website the PERFECT descriptor for my own life...ok ok, so maybe it's the perfect descriptor for how I wish my life was...anyways, I fell in love with this blog immediately. One of the gals (Kris Carr) on the blog makes Love Lists each week. These love lists are simply lists of things she finds interesting or beautiful or is appreciative of...she says anyone can make these lists at anytime and they don't always have to be serious but can be fun and whimsical! They are simply a reminder of all that is wonderful in our everyday.

I am a list person myself so I LOVE Kris's love lists. Lists in general, help me maintain organization in my busy life, they help me remember things I am constantly forgetting, they are a place for me to jot down ideas, wishes, dreams, desires...

But what I love love love love most about lists is crossing things off of them. It makes me feel productive. Sometimes I won't cross something off right away just so I can cross two or more things off all at once at a later date. That makes me feel like a SUPER overachiever.

Anyways, I thought today I would make a little love list of my own...right here.

Today's list is going to be all about Stationery Companies that I LOVE. I have a deep fondness for stationery...not only are little papers and notebooks great for writing lists, but I think it is just very special when someone takes time out of his/her busy high tech high speed day to pick out, write, and send a card.

Ok here are a few of my faves...
1. Whimsy Press
2. Orange Beautiful
3. Rock Scissors Paper
4. Field Notes
5. Night Owl Paper Goods
6. Curly Girl Designs
7. Erin Condren
8. Fabulous Stationery
9. Ink Spot Workshop
10. The Wheatfield

I bought this print from Orange Beautiful a while back (mine is white)...I love the sentiment.

image credits: Orange Beautiful, "Laugh Dream Love" print

Aug 3, 2010

Busy Busy Day...

Been a busy busy day over here!! Taking a little breather to say hello and let you know I'll be back tomorrow with a post :)

Enjoy your day!

Aug 2, 2010

The Goals...Revisited...

So being that it is now August, my summer is officially half over. *big sad face plus sigh*

And on that note, I thought I would revisit the goals I laid out at the start of summer and see how I am doing...I have a few more goals I would like to add to the list buuuuuuut...I am SO not adding them if I am not doing so hot with the current goals...

Let's take a peek at the current goals...

1. I will finish the 3-year quilt

**ok, well, the 3-year quilt is still sitting here...along with the scrap quilt I made last week...they both need middles and bottoms and binding...
I suppose this goal is still totally and completely in the works...and now with an additional quilt top.
BUT I did start AND finish an entirely different quilt this summer so that's something!

2. I will finish the little felties whose body parts are scattered all over my crafting table

**and yep, they are still here...ok no progress there...moving on...

3. I will learn how to draw awesome manga eyes (I think those eyes are so totally fabulous and I want to draw them really well)

**ok now this I've kinda made progress on...I've been drawing in my sketch book every night!! Of course, I am focusing on cartoon animals but still, come on, that totally counts!

4. I will finally purchase a new camera and start taking totally fabulous photos

**in the works! I am about to make a purchase in this next week or so! Of course, I haven't decided on the camera but I am so buying it for reals.

5. I will improve my digital scrapping designer skill and perhaps start to share them with the world...

**This blog was totally a first step toward that goal, and I created a scrapping gallery (see sidebar), and I have created 2 new digital kits, AND I have done some other digital design work so I have a few prints I might sell! Phew! That's one goal with a bit of legit progress.

Ok so apparently I have not been focusing all that much on the current goals. Maybe they are more long term goals and we'll visit them again in like December. In the meantime, here are some short term goals I am gonna go ahead and add to the list...

6. Sew some PJ pants
7. Sew some little dresses for my neice
8. Get back to running 5Ks...perhaps a 10K even?
9. Take a photography class OR cake decorating (my friend took this and makes totally fabulous sweets and I want to be her)
10. Figure out how to sell my prints, digi scrapping stuff, and the baby stuff that I sew
11. Go back to work in September with a positive attitude (this is totally gonna be the hardest goal of all)

Now, even though I haven't progressed much on the first set of goals, I'm gonna take a moment to affirm myself. I just want to say that I have TOTALLY been busy pretty much every day this summer making THE CUTEST shizz. OMG. I am proud of myself for getting back into the creative zone. It's felt really good.