Aug 5, 2010

Denim Dilemma

I have decided that I need a new pair of jeans. Now the thing is, as my mother pointed out, I have kind of...

sort of...


a lot of jeans already. BUT here's the thing...each pair has it's own very specific purpose and occasion in which it is appropriate for wear so it really and truly is essential that I have so many pairs as a part of my wardrobe...

The Breakdown:
1. the skinnies (one blue pair and one black) can only be worn with slouchy boots and that is SO a winter ensemble (I can't pull off the skinnies with sandals look)
2. my flared Sevens are for work because they have the trouser hem
3. my Jbrands are tight and stylish and therefore only for a night on the town
4. my black Hudsons are...well, they are black and black gives jeans a bit more of a formal look, so definitely not for the every day, but more for a nicer night out or snappy casual parties
5. my Wiliam Rasts are for casual every day wear but are totally old and stretched out
6. my blue Hudsons are also for every day and are also totally old and stretched out
7. the Paige jeans don't fit right

So my current plan is to take the Paige denim, blue Hudsons, and William Rasts out of rotation and purchase just one new pair of every day jeans. I am on the hunt as we speak. And seriously, shopping for jeans is probably the most difficult shopping venture of them all.

Anyways, the main point I am getting at is that I don't want to simply throw these old jeans away...I would like to use the denim to make something super cool.

What can you make with old denim?? I am looking for a really great sewing project.

I think this would be cool but jeans don't exactly have large flat sections of hit seams and pockets and stuff so I am not sure this bag is THE project...

Please let me know if you have any fabulous ideas!

oh FYI...these are the new jeans I am considering...

image credits: Rock and Republic, Scorpion Jean


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