Apr 29, 2011

Items of Note

1. I love Kate's dress.
2. I love her sister's dress even MORE. 
3. I think I like the name Pippa too.  Is that short for something??  Because yes, I think I really like it and would totally name my daughter that.  It's cute...and British, and I always wished I were British...or well, wished I had the accent.
4. Kate's evening party dress is super cute too...usually I don't go for fuzzy, but I actually think the sweater is adorable.  

Ok, ok, enough with the wedding.  
So I am a sucker for weddings and love and cute clothing.  
Shoot me.

image credits: Wall Street Journal

Apr 27, 2011


I need this
And that's pretty much all there is to it.

Check out some other totally interesting iPhone cases here.

image credits: Uncommon via Hongkiat

Apr 25, 2011

Monogram Maddness

I discovered THIS over the weekend and it changed my life.  
I seriously spent countless hours fooling around with the various options, making tons of totally fabulous monograms for the wedding I am not planning.  
Ha ha ha. 
But no, for reals the monograms you can make on this site are really pretty and fun and cute and don't have to be for a wedding...
Also after you put in your choices of color and text, your monogram is ready for download and print right away!! 
The Wedding Chicks are awesome.
It's really so kind and generous of them to share their designs.

Love it.
Awesome resource. 

Yeah I did all S's cuz it's my favorite letter...soooooooo that doesn't really give you a great look at the variety offered but go you should totally go play and enjoy!

Apr 22, 2011

I Heart the Environment

I have been totally neglecting my dear beloved blog for quite some time.  Oh how I miss it!  But I have a good excuse.  I was busy glamming it up in NYC ;)  Yep took a fabulous trip with some girlfriends and had THE best time.  What an awesome city...love it...wanna go back STAT.  Of course I could do without the freak lightening storm and torrential downpours...they put a bit of a damper on the trip (no pun intended...or was it? ha ha!)  No, really overall was a great trip...saw a Yankees game, went to a Broadway show, road through Central Park in a rickshaw...basically did all those fun touristy things.  Such good times.

But now I am home and it's back to business!  So ok, I read a terrifying article on the plane about dangerous chemicals in our environment and plastics and whatnot.  I knew certain types of plastic water bottles can release harmful chemicals, but I never really gave it much thought...until reading this article in Glamour magazine (article title: The New Toxic Threats to Women’s Health).  It talked about BPA and PVC, among other toxins and basically made me want to change my entire life...how I eat, what I drink from, the air I breathe...ok so I can't exactly change that last one, but I just feel like our world is so filled with ickiness and I don't know how to fix it or change it or keep myself safe...I don't even know what IS safe!  (HERE is a post I found about the plastics we interact with daily and their levels of harm)

Well I decided to take it one step at a time and today I started researching chemical free, environmentally friendly water bottles.  In my research I determined that stainless steel water bottles are the best.  So I am going to purchase one of those as well as a Britta.  Plastic bottled water hasta la vista!  (oh! HERE is a web post I thought was very helpful by the way...)

Alrighty so now that we have a plan, I have to decide which water bottle to get...cuz it has to be cute.

Here are my options:
Kleen Kanteen - highly recommended but not very exciting...just solid colors...which isn't bad at all, I would go for the bright pink, but it's just kinda plain.

Earth Lust - love the gal's story who owns the company...love the artwork on the bottles...but can't decide what size I would get because I was kinda thinking the 1 liter would be the best size to get but I like the designs on the smaller 20 oz. bottle way better.

Innate-Gear - free of all sorts of chemicals and meets lots of standards and whatnot, but I don't love the design

New wave Enviro - sounds like a good company...ok designs.

Camelbak - love the name of this company...bottles are insulated (not sure if that matters or not)...designs need work.

Thinksport - love the shape...love the fact that they make chemical free yoga mats too...love their website design although I can't access their online store at the moment...but regardless, this may be a winner.

What do you think?  Which do you like best?  or if you have an awesome, safe, earth-friendly bottle, which do you have??

image credits: Thinksport.com

Apr 12, 2011

Craft Spot

Think I'm gonna make some of these this week...

Ok, ok, let's get real...probably not this week, but at some point I am totally making these little paper-bow-clips.  So cute.

image credits: How About Orange

Apr 11, 2011




 I mean, an intervention of sorts may be necessary very soon as my obsession is starting to disrupt my normal daily functioning.  
I have 8 games going as we speak so I pretty much have no time to blog today.  
Gotta stay focused.
Gotta keep my eye on the prize.
Gotta win big.


Apr 7, 2011

Today's a Big Day

Well today's my big day.
I made some cupcake toppers for my lil birthday shindig this weekend...cute eh??
I hope you enjoy your day today! I know I will ;)


Apr 6, 2011

Scrap Happy

So I just started another new digi-scrapping class.  
I LOVE it already and I'm only two days in.
I'm totally inspired.
In my creative zone.
I pretty much don't want to go to work cuz I just want to work on my project all day long!

ABC Inspiration is a 26 day course in which you create a digi-scrapped album inspired by the alphabet.  It's sorta hard to describe but as I go along I'll post some of my pages...it's gonna be so super cute!

Also scrapping related, I found a few new designers to crush on.  One Little Bird has adorable scrapping products and a lovely website.  Paislee Press is equally fabulous...their products just totally fit my style.  And finally, Sue Cummings and Lydia Designs...these ladies just have beautiful color schemes and really sweet products.

Now, the most awesome thing about these three designers is that they all sell their totally fab goods over at OScraps and I just happened to have received a gift certificate to that online digi-store as an early birthday present!!  Hooray!!  I can't wait to shop shop shop!

And yes, my birthday is a mere 3 hours away...OMG!  Despite the fact that I will be older, I am actually quite a  fan of my birthday.  And that being the case, the celebrations will only just barely begin tomorrow.  I tend to believe one's birthday is not simply one day, it is actually a month-long celebratory event!  Woohoo!  Let the party begin!

Apr 2, 2011

E-zine Eye Candy

Holly over at Decor8 posted this list of GORGEOUS design-related e-zines...I'm in heaven...SUCH eye candy!

I have only just recently started perusing e-zines...they are all the rage in the blogosphere these days.  I find them to be totally inspirational and beautiful and just a completely new way to explore content on the web.  However, I discovered that I totally read them differently from how I read a normal glossy mag.  I tend to just skim through them super fast...I think I get super over-stimulated by all the ideas and gorgeousness that I zip through them to the end just to see what is in the e-zine, what I want to read and pay attention to, and what I can let float away out of my consciousness, just to so I feel less overwhelmed.  Then I go back and read the parts I want to read.  Sometimes the amount of amazingness on the web is overwhelming don't you think??

Anyways, back to the list...I LOVE Utterly Engaged and Sweet Paul...some readers mentioned another wedding e-zine I had never heard of that is also so very charming...Nonpareil Mag...ahhhh *love at first sight*

I read a few crafty online mags as well...Carina Garder's e-zine and of course Ginger Scraps Street Magazine, since I am a writer for it after all ;)  And speaking of, the latest edition is online and it's adorable!  My article is on page 23 and I have two layouts in the mag this month as well...page 26, page 30...

Here is one of them...

Have a very happy weekend!  Perhaps grab a cool drink and read a few online glossies...xo.
image credits: Nonpareil