Nov 15, 2011

It's That Time Again...

Time to make your 2012 Owl Barn Calendar!
We did this last year and it was amazing.

Side note: Being that we made Owl Calendars last year, I've apparently had this blog for over a year and didn't even realize it.  I totally missed my bloggy b-day! We'll have to celebrate later this week with something special...

Back to the posting at hand...the Owl Calendar this year has even more artist renditions of Owls to choose from (45 to be exact) and you can download individual images to use on cards or gift tags.  Love it. Tremendously.

This lil guy is for sure one of my faves:

Image by Penelope and Pip via My Owl Barn

Nov 9, 2011

I'm Expanding...

Tis the season for holiday cards, party invitations, and announcements!

Over the past several years, prior to officially becoming "Sara McCarthy Designs," I have had the opportunity to hone my design skills by creating everything from wedding invitations to party invites, to new home and baby announcements, to personal and business stationery, medals and awards, posters, logos, and print work for conferences and various work functions...these were commissioned by family, friends, and friends of friends, and now it's time to expand!
I have decided that now, since I am official, I'd like to offer my design services as part of my business.  Designing for others is the part I really love to do.  I love meeting with people, hearing about the important event in their life that we will be creating something special for, working with them to make their vision a reality, and then seeing them beam with joy when the final product adds that extra special touch to their special day.  That is what I love.  Making people happy by creating something pretty.

So if you would like something special designed for this holiday season...or any season really ;) contact me at:

I will post some of my previous work shortly, but in the meantime I will show you a portfolio of my previous designs when we chat!

Thank you!
 p.s. visit my new FB page HERE and my digital scrapbook products HERE

Nov 8, 2011

I Dig These.

So cute, right?  
The purchase of these particular Toms helps raise money to fight cancers affecting men.  See the little moustache??  It represents all those handsome men we love and care about so much and want to see live long healthy lives.  Adorable.  I think I'm gonna get a pair.

image credits: Toms Shoes

Just For You...

To celebrate my brand new FB page and well, my new business as a whole, I made this little freebie just for you!  Perhaps you can drop by my FB page and give it a little "like" ;)  If you happen to spread the word about my new little shop too I would so love it and be ever so grateful.

Enjoy the freebie and create beautiful things!

little birthday themed epoxy stickers made by me for you!

Nov 6, 2011

A Sweet New FB Page


You heard me. 

I have a sweet new Facebook Fan Page to go with my new lil business venture.  Now I'm seriously legit. 
Come by and say hello.  Perhaps, maybe, ya know, you could even "like" me.  Might be kinda cool ;)

Oh Goodness.

Supposedly today had an extra hour due to daylight savings.  
I'm not sure I was anymore productive than usual however.  
I'm pretty sure I wasn't.  
Time is still sneaking away from me rather rapidly.  
I mean I don't think the extra hour even registered on my radar.  
And seriously, where did last week go?  And the week before that?  I'm feeling like the days are zipping by and I'm not accomplishing nearly as much in a single day as I set out to when I first wake up in the morning.  
Are my to-do lists just getting longer?  Or am I not tackling them with the ferver I once did?  Hmmm...perhaps it's just that I am distracted by the ridiculously good television that's on this season.   The DVR is completely overflowing.  It's pretty much a full time job keeping up with the awesome programming.  
Well, regardless, time is jetting by and my to-do's are not getting done.  
Blogging, for example, would be one of those things that's being repeatedly lost in the shuffle.  
And I was SO excited to be blogging again.  
However I pretty much went on hiatus after my first week back at it.  

Well, as a condolence for slacking on the job, I would like to share the following:
1. These are pretty much as epic as they come.

And yes, I love these so much that there might actually be a remote control flying clownfish sitting right here next to me as we speak.

2.  I have a new Holiday paper kit for sale at my lil digi-scrapping shop...and a deliciously adorable element kit is in the works and should be arriving check it out!

3. This totally just arrived in the mail and I'm super excited about it.

4. I don't have a number 4 for today, but I hope you had a lovely weekend! xoxo

image credits: urban outfitters, air swimmers