Jul 30, 2010

Lack of Focus

I had the goal of doing something totally creative every day of my summer break. Just cuz...


cuz I could...and to be honest, during the school year I am so burnt out from teaching, and not to mention just plain ol' busy, that I don't do the things I love as much as I would like to. I think I picked up my sketchbook like 7 times this last school year. Seriously...not ok.

Anyways this summer goal of mine was a good goal...not super ambitious really, being that the things I enjoy most are of the crafty kind.



I did nothing crafty or creative whatsoever.
Here's why:
a) I ran out of the "good" fabric
b) I have somehow misplaced my pencil sharpener
c) My mind is a bit consumed with boys so I am lacking focus

So there ya go.

While untouched, they sure look happy. Is that fabric not THE cutest??

Totally and Completely Impractical Must-Haves

I MUST have this bag.

I mean every girl needs a mustard yellow bag.

It's totally and completely non-practical which is exactly why a girl's gotta have it.

And along those same lines...doesn't every girl need a totally impractical pair of hot pink suede heels?? With a flower!

Come on...we SO do.

image credits: (above)Grand Heels by Kate Spade at KateSpade.com
(top)Audrey Bag, by Coach at Coach.com

Jul 29, 2010

I Heart Books

So I decided that this year I would keep a running tally of all the books I finish just to see how many I read in one year. I'm totally curious to know.

I love to read...

like really really love it.

Perhaps it's because I am a sucker for happy endings which most chick lit ensures :) ...or perhaps it's because I like to escape into a world so different from my own. Reading a good book is also a fabulous distraction when getting your butt kicked on the stair master.

As of now I have finished 13 books this year...I suppose that's like 2 a month...that's not so bad really.

I think next year I am going to keep track of the mileage I run...I think that would really be something awesome!

Anyways, since I simply adore books...I purchased this print from one of my favorite illustrators, vol.25...isn't it so cute?! I thought it would be perfect on a shelf near all my favorite reads...

image: "i heart books" by vol.25

p.s. I don't ONLY read chick lit...just sayin'...I do read highly intellectual tomes as well ;)

Jul 28, 2010


Have you tried these???


So tasty.

So my new favorite snackie.

Jul 27, 2010

My Yoga Mat Has a Home Now...

As I was sitting in my yoga class this morning...totally focused on the zen of my being of course...I noticed that the gal in front of me had the most adorable bag for her yoga mat. In that instant I realized that I simply MUST have one too.

I'm a sucker for cute.

Well that, and the fact that I lug my mat around from class to class only to have it unravel completely in my arms in the middle of the gym while the studs on the stair climber smirk. Yes. This has indeed happened to me...

Hence this:

Yep. I whipped it up this afternoon and now my yoga mat has a snuggly home. *big smiles*
Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments of unravel!

I used this tutorial and it was really just the greatest. It's a video tutorial and the gals is completely entertaining!

Pretty excited to cruise in style to my next yoga class ;)

Jul 26, 2010


Is it normal to have bags and bags of fabric leftovers from projects of the past?? I certainly hope I am not the only one who holds onto the tiniest of scraps. I mean seriously, the fabrics are spilling out of the bags and slowly starting to take over my craft zone!

Well, as an attempt to clear out the wilderness that is my fabric stash as well as tidy up my craft zone, I thought I would make a little scrap quilt.

I made this today:

Unfortunately I am very much NOT a patient quilter...
I like to see results...
so this quilt is kinda small (small = quick = immediate results = very happy sara)and being such, it barely made a dent in my stash of scrappy fabrics.
Dang it.
But it's super cute and that's really what matters ;)

Jul 25, 2010

Catching Up.

Soooooo I just finished scrapping Easter pics from...oh not 2010 but 2009...ha ha...omg. I am so working all out of order chronologically. I do pages for things I did last week and then other pages from events like 2 years ago...take the following Europe layouts for instance. I just finished them, but they are from my family trip in 2008! But I love having all these memories to scrap. And I am finding that I have had quite the collection of hair-dos over the past few years.... :)

Credits: K. Periet Graphics Sun Print Overlay, Crystal Wilkerson Sweet Vintage Charm Add on Papers

These are a few layouts from when the fam took on Europe. These are Florence specifically... :)

Credits: I used a lot of Crystal Wilkerson, Jessica Sprague, and Shabby Princess papers and elements in these layouts

I'm On A Roll!

Just finished another little kit of papers! It's too fun really. This one also has 6 papers but I am actually putting in a bonus paper, so there are acutally 7...but it's a surprise.

And I WILL figure out how to sell them or give them as freebies this week...it's really not so complicated, I just have to sit down and focus for a few minutes to get it all set up :)

Oh also "RA Ink" is my company...just in case you were wondering...my name is Sara and my family calls me "Ra" for short :) I thought it was cute.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Jul 23, 2010

New Digital Kit...

So I LOVE digital scrapping and now and then I like to dabble in digital kit design...like making papers and elements and that sort of thing...and these days it's especially fun because I am totally certified in digital design! It sounds soooo official! ;) ha ha.

Anyways, I just finished this tiny kit of papers and I really like it...

I am still in the experimental phases and working on my skills but now and then I create something I think is really not so bad. Now if I could just figure out how to get it to you! I learned that part in my class but haven't quite gotten that far...BUT I will learn and get it all set up so you can download some things I make...I would love to know if they work out in the real world ;)

Happy Friday!

Taking On China

So my little bro is currently in China...with a group of wacky professors...one of which is our father. My dad has a conference out there so my bro went with him...and let me tell ya, traveling with my dad is always an experience...we'll leave it at that.

Anyways, my bro is probably one of the funniest people I have ever known...I thought I would give a quick shout out to his "Taking on China" blog since it is quite enjoyable to read...check it out here. It will give you a laugh for sure!

Jul 22, 2010

Super Easy Pillow!

So I was feeling like my quilt needed a coordinating counterpart...a little something to make my living room a bit more matchy-matchy. Soooo...I made this today!

Too cute...and SO easy to make! I followed a simple tutorial (you can find it here) and it took me maybe a half hour...that's it! I love it!

Jul 21, 2010


Today was a BIG day. I chopped off all my long locks and now have a super cute, super short, hairdo for the summer :)

Katie, the gals who cuts my hair, showed me how to do all sorts of cute styles with little hair clips and pins which I just loved! Now I get to shop for darling little clips!

I'm thinking something like these...from Banana Republic...SO cute and sparkly!

image: Sparkle Bobby Pin, By Banana Republic, $12

Jul 20, 2010


for the perfect tutorial/pattern for pj pants...

I want to start making clothes...well, start TRYING to make clothes that is...and I think pj pants are the perfect project to start with...

I would love to make something like these ones from Victoria's Secret...

It's gotta be easy. Do you have any recommendations??

image above: Woven Cotton Pant, by Victoria's Secret

The Adorable-est

I pretty much think these are the most adorable shoes. ever. I have yet to find them anywhere in my size. poops.

image: Navy Stripe Calypso Canvas Wedge, by TOMS Shoes, $69.00

Jul 18, 2010

A Trip to the Tide Pools

I can't remember the last time I visited the tide pools. I was probably in elementary school...that's quite a long time ago! Well today my bro, his gf, and I poked around the tide pools in Corona Del Mar in search of little sea creatures. It was so fun! We took some pics...and...I scrapped them as I love to do...

Credits: Sugar Plum Paperie Paper Daisies Pack, LivE Designs Sing for Spring Pack, Shabby Princess Promise Collection

Art Journaling??

So I've found a new hobby that I want to do...art journaling! I stumbled upon some blogs that are all about this gorgeous art form and I instantly fell in love. I think it is totally me. I of course have none of the supplies and seriously buying a ton of new artsy crafty products is so not what I need right now...my craft area is overflowing with stuff,
and more stuff...

but oh, I just really think this would be the most wonderful way to combine my love for drawing, scrapping, and journaling (which I do love but seem to always start strong on January 1 of every year but find that by Jan. 15th I have totally fallen off the wagon and the journal remains forgotten for the rest of the year...geez) Anyways, if you do art journaling maybe you could pass along some tips because...
I have no idea where or how to begin! Ha! I just want to do it :)

p.s. apparently there is a magazine dedicated to this craft...hmmm...maybe I will start checking that out...

image above: Art Journaling Magazine, by Sommerset Studio

Jul 17, 2010

Scrap, Scribble, Stitch and SHOP!

I probably should have named this blog "scrap, scribble, stitch, and SHOP!" cuz, well, I love to shop...on-line window shop that is. I usually cuddle up in my cozy new duvet (an on-line window shopping purchase) and browse my faves on-line to see what's new and super adorable. It is essential that the credit card is totally hidden in another room or I will put it to some serious work.

Anyways, one of my faves of all time is Coach. They can do no wrong. Seriously. I love everything they sell...well I had a few issues with the new Poppy line at first, but we've now come to a peaceful resolution and it's adorable. Anyways, I just saw THESE on-line...and well, I am IN LOVE. I love sparkles and these are the sparkliest. Also they come in great color schemes. LOVE 'EM.

top: New Poppy Cupchain Necklace, by Coach, $168; above: New Poppy Short Four Strand Cupchain Necklace, by Coach, $428

Jul 15, 2010

The Twinzies

Just made this layout of my niece and nephew...too cute! I love them to pieces. Just thought I'd share :)

Credits: Shabby Princess Promise Collection

Jul 14, 2010

I Whipped This Up Today...

So today I visited one of my most dear friends, Linn...check out her blog here...it's SO inspiring. Anyways she is pretty much the most amazing gal ever...she's super crafty and artistically talented and the greatest mom ever. I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.

Anyways, she is a quilter like me, however, her work is a hundred thousand times more awesome than mine. Well, today I was just so inspired by one of her recent quilts that on my way home I popped into the fabric store JUST to take a peek at some goodies she recommended and to get some inspiration...HOWEVER, 50-ish dollars later I walked out with a stash of totally fabulous fabrics to make a throw for my living room...I have no restraint when it comes to gorgeous fabric.

Anyways, this is what I whipped up today! :) It is just the quilt top...no borders or anything so it's still definitely in the works...but I love it already! And as per usual, the colors are so not reflected accurately in this terrible photo...a photography class is on the books for next month ;)

So the eight other projects I have in the works are now taking a back seat to this one because it's my favorite of them all. Maybe I will actually focus and finish something in a timely manner for once! Ha!

Enjoy your day! It's beautiful here in Sunny So. Cal!

Jul 13, 2010

I Passed!!!

PHEW! I just passed the digital designer certification test for the course I took over at JessicaSprague.com. I am SO thrilled to have that behind me. The perfectionist in me kinda wishes I did a bit better, but some of the questions/answer choices were kinda written in a way that was a bit confusing...and I swear I marked the correct answer for a few and it didn't record...but that's ok. I got a passing score and am just thrilled with everything I learned :) I might start posting some things I make as freebies for you to enjoy! I would so love to see if you love them! But first I have to get my brand and logo figured out...we worked on that in the class but I think I want to change it again...decisions decisions...

On to other news...I can barely walk today. I've started up my yoga practice again and HELLO????? it can really be a tough workout...you can totally break a serious sweat doing yoga...I feel a bit more bendy-flexy too...I like that. I've been running a lot too this week so with those two workouts combined my muscles are in shock (but hopefully they are getting super toned too! I am noticing that as I get older it's a bit more challenging to keep things in shape :P )

Anyways, on to other topics...I finished this baby blanket and think it's pretty adorable. I made it from the scaps that were left over from a bunch of burp cloths I made...I came THIS CLOSE (imagine I am holding my thumb and forefinger super close together) to running out of fabric for the borders...I had to get really creative...but I think it turned out pretty cute. There are little buttons and bows on the two corners not pictured...hmmmm...I should have staged this photo a bit better :P

Jul 12, 2010

My Latest Purchase

Sooooo I totally splurged yesterday...I bought THE CUTEST running skirt from Lululemon. I pretty much wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the store, but I managed to maintain some self-restraint and settle on just the skirt. I love to run and have actually upped my mileage lately which I feel so good about. I like giving myself little running challenges and finding out just what I can do...I have been able to do more than I thought I could and that feels awesome! Anyways, back to the new purchase...my skirt is a charcoal gray and has a satin-y draw string that makes the most adorable bow in front...I LOVE bows and so that drew my eye instantly...BUT what totally sold me was that the inside lining of each leg has GLITTER! I LOVE GLITTER. It was a done deal at that point...a bow AND glitter. The skirt was pretty much made for me.

Here is a picture of the skirt from the Lululemon website...this one is pink and doesn't have the bow...but it's very similar...apparently they don't sell my skirt online right now, but this gives you a good idea of what it looks like :)

The next thing I want to purchase from this totally fabulous shop is this. I love the fit and well it has THUMB HOLES! ha ha. I love that! So I'm gonna start saving now...

It's finally sunny here in So. Cal. Lordy. It's like mid-July and we've been gray and cloudy for weeks. It's about time we had some sunshine. Think I might celebrate by going for a jaunt around town in my new purchase ;)
Have a great day!

Jul 11, 2010

So Many Baby Showers...

I've been in twelve weddings...yes I did say TWELVE :)
and yes, I do have quite the collection of bridesmaid dresses...
But really I loved being a bridesmaid...it's kinda like you're a celebrity at the wedding. People notice you, you get special treatment, excellent view of the ceremony...it's cool. I used to have a hard time with the bridesmaid thing, since I haven't had a wedding of my own yet, but I have learned over the years that it is the BIGGEST compliment ever! Your friends chose you to stand beside them as they began a new chapter in their lives. That's very cool.

Well here we are today and it now seems that all those lovely marriages are moving into the next phase of life...they are all having babies! Oh too cute!
Well, I have a few goodies that I always make for the new mommies and babies. I currently have 3 baby showers on the books for the next few weeks so I need to hustle and get these gifts completed. I love to make baby burp cloths and draw name illustrations (if I know the name of the little one). Anyways, I am SO excited about the burp cloths I am making right now because I found THE CUTEST fabric ever. Check it out...

RIGHT??! (ok they may not look so cute in this terrible photo, but they are cute for reals)

When completed, they will turn out looking something like these ones here...

Anyways, I need to make eight of them and I only have four partially completed...guess I know how I am spending my next few days...

Hope you are having a lovely end to your weekend!

Jul 10, 2010

The Weenie Naitonals

So I just found out that TODAY is the Weenie Dog Nationals. I LOVE the Weenie Nationals. And I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Doxies are my favorite dog in the whole world. They are always happy and they love to cuddle and be loved on and they just look so darn cute when they run! And they are 100 times cuter at the races because they wear their little racing outfits. I can't handle it. SO. ADORABLE. I look forward to the Weenie Dog races every year. But somehow I just totally didn't get the memo about this year's races...such a bummer!

BUT I do have THIS (see below) to remember how fabulous the races are...I scrapped about them :)

Credits: Crystal Wilkerson's June '09 Paper Pack

The Big Test...

So as I mentioned in the previous post, I took a digital designer certification course over at JessicaSprague.com. I loved it.



The course just finished up last week and I just feel so inspired to rock the design world with my work!!!
Ok, well, realistically maybe not totally rock it off its socks just yet, but shake it up a teeny tiny wee bit. :)
I turned in my final digital scrapping kit last week and received a very thoughtful, constructive critique. I was thrilled with it really. However, I am not certified yet...there is one more thing I must do...I have to take a TEST :?

I fear tests.

I mean I am really really nervous about it.

I haven't taken a test since...well...since I was in school years and years ago!

I just can't think about it.

So instead I am going to show you some digital scrapbook pages I made recently...that is so much more fun!

credits: Crystal Wilkerson's Sweet Vintage Charm Papers and Elements, Crystal Wilkerson's June '09 Paper Pack, and Emma Bloom Designs Bloom Paper

I Like to Make Stuff

I like to make stuff. I sew things, and I make cards from stamps and adorable papers and ribbons...and hello?? BLING. A card so would not be complete without a little glittering gem stone here and there. I doodle, I dabble in digital scrapbooking and graphic design, and am juuuuuuust starting to work on my photography skills :)

I just like to make stuff.

And I think that it is a good thing to have various interests; however, I have found that...and I hate to admit it...but I have found that I just kinda lack focus...hmmm...I am thinking that is something to work on. I will start one project one day only to move onto another totally fabulous project the next leaving the other unfinished... and we are talking leaving projects on my craft table for weeks, months, and even years! This one particular quilt has been staring at me for THREE YEARS now hoping, wishing, and praying I will finish the little guy.


Hence this blog.

This is my little place to record my crafting endeavors...and well, I am hoping that by sharing my little creations with you, I will actually finish more of them!

So I am starting today with a few goals...by then end of the year (I am thinking I should be realistic here and give myself a generous amount of time)...

By the end of the year:
1. I will finish the 3-year quilt (see image below)
2. I will finish the little felties whose body parts are scattered all over my crafting table
3. I will learn how to draw awesome manga eyes (I think those eyes are so totally fabulous and I want to draw them really well)
4. I will finally purchase a new camera and start taking totally fabulous photos
5. I will improve my digital scrapping designer skill and perhaps start to share them with the world...just finished the Digital Designer certification over at JessicaSprague.com...it was AWESOME!!

Ok, those are more than enough goals. I like 'em. Oh I am feeling good. Perhaps I should hop out of bed and get going on some of them now...or, well, today IS Saturday...I might head back to the pillows and sleep a bit more........yeah, I think that's a totally fabulous plan.