Jul 10, 2010

The Weenie Naitonals

So I just found out that TODAY is the Weenie Dog Nationals. I LOVE the Weenie Nationals. And I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Doxies are my favorite dog in the whole world. They are always happy and they love to cuddle and be loved on and they just look so darn cute when they run! And they are 100 times cuter at the races because they wear their little racing outfits. I can't handle it. SO. ADORABLE. I look forward to the Weenie Dog races every year. But somehow I just totally didn't get the memo about this year's races...such a bummer!

BUT I do have THIS (see below) to remember how fabulous the races are...I scrapped about them :)

Credits: Crystal Wilkerson's June '09 Paper Pack


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