Jul 13, 2010

I Passed!!!

PHEW! I just passed the digital designer certification test for the course I took over at JessicaSprague.com. I am SO thrilled to have that behind me. The perfectionist in me kinda wishes I did a bit better, but some of the questions/answer choices were kinda written in a way that was a bit confusing...and I swear I marked the correct answer for a few and it didn't record...but that's ok. I got a passing score and am just thrilled with everything I learned :) I might start posting some things I make as freebies for you to enjoy! I would so love to see if you love them! But first I have to get my brand and logo figured out...we worked on that in the class but I think I want to change it again...decisions decisions...

On to other news...I can barely walk today. I've started up my yoga practice again and HELLO????? it can really be a tough workout...you can totally break a serious sweat doing yoga...I feel a bit more bendy-flexy too...I like that. I've been running a lot too this week so with those two workouts combined my muscles are in shock (but hopefully they are getting super toned too! I am noticing that as I get older it's a bit more challenging to keep things in shape :P )

Anyways, on to other topics...I finished this baby blanket and think it's pretty adorable. I made it from the scaps that were left over from a bunch of burp cloths I made...I came THIS CLOSE (imagine I am holding my thumb and forefinger super close together) to running out of fabric for the borders...I had to get really creative...but I think it turned out pretty cute. There are little buttons and bows on the two corners not pictured...hmmmm...I should have staged this photo a bit better :P


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