Jul 27, 2010

My Yoga Mat Has a Home Now...

As I was sitting in my yoga class this morning...totally focused on the zen of my being of course...I noticed that the gal in front of me had the most adorable bag for her yoga mat. In that instant I realized that I simply MUST have one too.

I'm a sucker for cute.

Well that, and the fact that I lug my mat around from class to class only to have it unravel completely in my arms in the middle of the gym while the studs on the stair climber smirk. Yes. This has indeed happened to me...

Hence this:

Yep. I whipped it up this afternoon and now my yoga mat has a snuggly home. *big smiles*
Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments of unravel!

I used this tutorial and it was really just the greatest. It's a video tutorial and the gals is completely entertaining!

Pretty excited to cruise in style to my next yoga class ;)


Carrie said...

You are amazing!!

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