Jul 17, 2010

Scrap, Scribble, Stitch and SHOP!

I probably should have named this blog "scrap, scribble, stitch, and SHOP!" cuz, well, I love to shop...on-line window shop that is. I usually cuddle up in my cozy new duvet (an on-line window shopping purchase) and browse my faves on-line to see what's new and super adorable. It is essential that the credit card is totally hidden in another room or I will put it to some serious work.

Anyways, one of my faves of all time is Coach. They can do no wrong. Seriously. I love everything they sell...well I had a few issues with the new Poppy line at first, but we've now come to a peaceful resolution and it's adorable. Anyways, I just saw THESE on-line...and well, I am IN LOVE. I love sparkles and these are the sparkliest. Also they come in great color schemes. LOVE 'EM.

top: New Poppy Cupchain Necklace, by Coach, $168; above: New Poppy Short Four Strand Cupchain Necklace, by Coach, $428


Lia said...

Those are so cute. They remind me of some dress-up jewelry my daughter has, but these are the grown up version. Very fun.

S said...

I had no idea that Coach did bling - guess I've not been doing enough internet window shopping. Looks like you can show me the way!

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