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Thank you bunches and enjoy!!

The season of giving has come and gone, and now t'is the time to say THANKS BUNCHES! for all the totally fab gifts you received.

I whipped up these thank you tags as part of a stationery set I am working on...aaaaaaaand kinda sorta hope to sell in the lil online shop I would like to open in 2011 (can we say New Years Resolution??!)

I thought the circular thank yous could be printed on sticky paper and be used as seals on the envelopes of your thank you notes and the others could be little thank you tags you could stick in a potted plant or tie to a little goodie of sorts...I think they are kinda cute. a test can download the circles HERE!  It's my thank you to you!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  You are a gem and I love love love your visits :)

p.s. I am back from my little vacay.  It was lovely to be away.  But I am happy to be home again!


There's been much to celebrate 'round these parts lately...

Today was my mom's birthday and...


Time out.

You HAVE GOT to see what we got her...SO CUTE...I tried it on before I bought it for her and I did not want to take it off.  First of all it has thumb holes.  I mean, that right there sold me.  Secondly, the fabric is just irresistibly cozy.  Thirdly, its Lulu...Lulu is just so cute; so trendy; you can't help but love it.  Needless to say, she was thrilled.

Ok, back to the celebrations.  Tomorrow is the twins second birthday and we are having a little shindig.  Again, I can't handle the cuteness of the gifts I got them.  See below:

Little toddler Vans.  Adorable.

And now, the final cause for celebration is that this very posting is my 100th post!!!  I just think that is so fun! I'm excited.

So anyways, in honor of all the festivity around here, all the hoopla and merriment, I thought I would share some of it with you by giving you one of my little creations!

You can download this celebratory Word Art Sticker HERE.

And I hope you do smile today! :)

*images courtesy of 


Always Sunshine...
I made this desktop wallpaper yesterday.  It's been super cloudy and sprinkly here so I needed a pick-me-up.  I've now placed it on all my computers as well as my family's too!  Ha ha.  I love looking at my creations...I'm such a dork.

You can download it HERE if you want a little pick-me-up too!
 And again, it was created at 1920 x 1080 but you can totally resize it if you need too :)


I heart Desktop Wallpapers.

Very much.

Changing your desktop is kinda like rearranging the furniture in your living room...sometimes you just gotta switch things up for a bit...get a new look...keep things fresh.  Swapping out my wallpaper gives my eyes something new and lovely to look at..sometimes they have uplifting quotes or inspiring photography or silly jokes that make me laugh.  I have quite the collection of wallpapers I've either made or downloaded from the web...Smashing Magazine and Pixel Girl have great ones.

Well, today I decided to make one for the fall season that we, here in sunny So. Cal. are so not experiencing.  Thought if I put it up on my computer it would help send autumnal vibes out into the universe.  I thought I'd share this desktop wallpaper with YOU.  You can download it HERE for your personal use.  Enjoy!

My Autumn Desktop Wallpaper


I had a bit of free time at work today...

I made a little mini itsy bitsy digital kit just for you!

It has two Autumn themed papers.  
I am desperately hoping that by thinking, creating, and sending Autumn-ish vibes out to the universe,  this unreal heat will go far far away and crispy Fall weather will move right on in :)

Just click HERE to download and welcome in Fall!

And yes, this is a FREEBIE!  

*Terms of Use included in kit and noted on TOU page of this blog :)


Here is my very first ever FREEBIE!  Hooray!  We heart freebies! 
This kit has 6 digi scrapping pages just for you!


Just click HERE and you should be taken to a place to download it.  
We hope.
This is my first time doing this soooooooo...we shall see ;) 

teeny tiny side note: 
ok, so apparently I forgot a step before setting up the download...
and then my new file was too big...
so there are actually TWO folders for you to download so you get all the papers and such :)

p.s. RA ink is me...well, my little company...just in case you were wondering.