Jul 22, 2012

Layouts Galore

I have to admit, I've been a bit behind in my digi-scrapping lately.  I'll tell you why shortly...it's exciting ;)

But first things, first.  I am a Creative Team member over at Jessica Sprague and not gonna lie, it's pretty darn cool.  I love love love the designer's products.  They just keep getting better and better and so much fun to work with.  It's also way cool being one of the first to know all the awesomeness going on behind the scenes...and let me tell ya, there is serious awesomeness in the works!

Anyways, just thought I'd share some of my recent layouts I made using gorgeous products sold over at Jessica Sprague.

Those are my nieces in the photos by the way...oh they are just too cute! 


Do you ever look at products or websites that are the most simplest, brilliant concept and think to yourself...OMG I totally could have done that!  Well I say that to myself pretty much everyday.  If I'd stop wasting so much time hopping around the web, maybe I'd actually bring one of my brilliant ideas to life before someone else does!

Anyways, I stumbled upon the most fabulous site the other day...Sent Well...have you seen it??  I LOVE the concept.  Basically they describe their business as the following:  "Real cards, handwrittten messages, stamped & sent for you."

The idea is really so simple...I totally could have done it!  But alas, they beat me to it ;)
Anyways, you simply hop onto their site, pick a card you like (they have cute, artsy cards), type out the message you want on the card and then they will stamp and mail it for you!  Brilliant!

Have you noticed that business concepts that allow us to be super lazy are way successful.  Just an observation... ;)

Anyways, there's another brilliant site that I would highly suggest visiting...

drum roll please...

well, it would be my very own Sara McCarthy Designs website.  That's been my summer project...and I'm super excited about it.  It's almost ready for public viewing, but if you'd like to take a peek now please do!  I'd love for you to stop by and say hello!


Jul 11, 2012

For My Love...

Today I celebrated a mini anniversary with my boyfriend.  I love him tremendously and wanted to find a cute way to tell him just how much I love and appreciate him...  

So I surprised him with this...

It's a cute little box filled with Reese's Peanut Butter cups (the photo is not the best, but I totally dig Hipstamatic and can't stop taking pics with it!).  On the top of each piece of candy is a sticky dot where I wrote one reason why I love my boyfriend.  There happened to be forty candies in the package which is why I wrote "forty reasons."  I thought it was too cute.   It's on my bf's desk so he can snack on a sweet treat during the day and be reminded of all the ways he is special to me.

I found this idea on The Dating Divas website.  I LOVE these gals.  They have a super cute collection of creative dates and gift ideas for the man in your life.  Definitely drop by!