Jul 26, 2010


Is it normal to have bags and bags of fabric leftovers from projects of the past?? I certainly hope I am not the only one who holds onto the tiniest of scraps. I mean seriously, the fabrics are spilling out of the bags and slowly starting to take over my craft zone!

Well, as an attempt to clear out the wilderness that is my fabric stash as well as tidy up my craft zone, I thought I would make a little scrap quilt.

I made this today:

Unfortunately I am very much NOT a patient quilter...
I like to see results...
so this quilt is kinda small (small = quick = immediate results = very happy sara)and being such, it barely made a dent in my stash of scrappy fabrics.
Dang it.
But it's super cute and that's really what matters ;)


peaceliving said...

LOVE this!! So cute. Can't wait to see it finished.

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