Jul 10, 2010

I Like to Make Stuff

I like to make stuff. I sew things, and I make cards from stamps and adorable papers and ribbons...and hello?? BLING. A card so would not be complete without a little glittering gem stone here and there. I doodle, I dabble in digital scrapbooking and graphic design, and am juuuuuuust starting to work on my photography skills :)

I just like to make stuff.

And I think that it is a good thing to have various interests; however, I have found that...and I hate to admit it...but I have found that I just kinda lack focus...hmmm...I am thinking that is something to work on. I will start one project one day only to move onto another totally fabulous project the next leaving the other unfinished... and we are talking leaving projects on my craft table for weeks, months, and even years! This one particular quilt has been staring at me for THREE YEARS now hoping, wishing, and praying I will finish the little guy.


Hence this blog.

This is my little place to record my crafting endeavors...and well, I am hoping that by sharing my little creations with you, I will actually finish more of them!

So I am starting today with a few goals...by then end of the year (I am thinking I should be realistic here and give myself a generous amount of time)...

By the end of the year:
1. I will finish the 3-year quilt (see image below)
2. I will finish the little felties whose body parts are scattered all over my crafting table
3. I will learn how to draw awesome manga eyes (I think those eyes are so totally fabulous and I want to draw them really well)
4. I will finally purchase a new camera and start taking totally fabulous photos
5. I will improve my digital scrapping designer skill and perhaps start to share them with the world...just finished the Digital Designer certification over at JessicaSprague.com...it was AWESOME!!

Ok, those are more than enough goals. I like 'em. Oh I am feeling good. Perhaps I should hop out of bed and get going on some of them now...or, well, today IS Saturday...I might head back to the pillows and sleep a bit more........yeah, I think that's a totally fabulous plan.


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