Jul 14, 2010

I Whipped This Up Today...

So today I visited one of my most dear friends, Linn...check out her blog here...it's SO inspiring. Anyways she is pretty much the most amazing gal ever...she's super crafty and artistically talented and the greatest mom ever. I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.

Anyways, she is a quilter like me, however, her work is a hundred thousand times more awesome than mine. Well, today I was just so inspired by one of her recent quilts that on my way home I popped into the fabric store JUST to take a peek at some goodies she recommended and to get some inspiration...HOWEVER, 50-ish dollars later I walked out with a stash of totally fabulous fabrics to make a throw for my living room...I have no restraint when it comes to gorgeous fabric.

Anyways, this is what I whipped up today! :) It is just the quilt top...no borders or anything so it's still definitely in the works...but I love it already! And as per usual, the colors are so not reflected accurately in this terrible photo...a photography class is on the books for next month ;)

So the eight other projects I have in the works are now taking a back seat to this one because it's my favorite of them all. Maybe I will actually focus and finish something in a timely manner for once! Ha!

Enjoy your day! It's beautiful here in Sunny So. Cal!


Sharyn said...

I love to quilt too and looking at your lovely work is making me want to take mine out and do some! It's been a while. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog today. Sharyn@ AnAlteredLife

cathleen said...

I think your quilt is very pretty!!! Sadly, when it comes to fabric I have no restraint either!

peaceliving said...

I LOVE it! I'm glad you got to visit the new fabric shop and liked it. And thanks for all the lovely compliments...you are such a great friend and I'm SO glad we can still catch up regularly after all these years! (Do you realize we've been friends for nineteen years??!! Wow. That makes me feel old.)

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