Jul 29, 2010

I Heart Books

So I decided that this year I would keep a running tally of all the books I finish just to see how many I read in one year. I'm totally curious to know.

I love to read...

like really really love it.

Perhaps it's because I am a sucker for happy endings which most chick lit ensures :) ...or perhaps it's because I like to escape into a world so different from my own. Reading a good book is also a fabulous distraction when getting your butt kicked on the stair master.

As of now I have finished 13 books this year...I suppose that's like 2 a month...that's not so bad really.

I think next year I am going to keep track of the mileage I run...I think that would really be something awesome!

Anyways, since I simply adore books...I purchased this print from one of my favorite illustrators, vol.25...isn't it so cute?! I thought it would be perfect on a shelf near all my favorite reads...

image: "i heart books" by vol.25

p.s. I don't ONLY read chick lit...just sayin'...I do read highly intellectual tomes as well ;)


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