Oct 21, 2011

It's Official!

Ok ok ok...so it's been a few days since I last posted...
Alright, more like two whole months...BUT...I have a really really really good reason!! 

And here it is:

Yep, I've started my own lil design business!  And that's my logo.  Kinda cute, huh?  And it's official too, I have a business license and everything! 

I've wanted to do this for a long time and am so excited for this new journey.  I love creating beautiful things...playing with fonts and colors, taking photos and manipulating them, drawing and illustrating...I want to use this love of mine to make people smile, to do my part in spreading joy and happiness in the world.

I will be designing invitations and announcements and other various print commissions, as well as my own line of digital scrapbook products that will be on sale for the first time ever tomorrow!  Siri (a fabulous designer friend of mine) is opening an online digital scrapbook store and asked me to be on the design team.  I was so honored.  I think she is just going to be fabulously successful!  Check out the shop HERE...and take a peek at my goodies!  All items are not for sale until 7am MST tomorrow, but you can still take a look-see now ;)

I hope you like what you see! 

P.S.  the products don't seem to have any sort of organization at the moment, so mine are just all mixed in with everyone else's...


Anonymous said...

Oh! my google reader must send me through posts in reverse order. So I see that your company IS new! Congratulations again!

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