Apr 22, 2011

I Heart the Environment

I have been totally neglecting my dear beloved blog for quite some time.  Oh how I miss it!  But I have a good excuse.  I was busy glamming it up in NYC ;)  Yep took a fabulous trip with some girlfriends and had THE best time.  What an awesome city...love it...wanna go back STAT.  Of course I could do without the freak lightening storm and torrential downpours...they put a bit of a damper on the trip (no pun intended...or was it? ha ha!)  No, really overall was a great trip...saw a Yankees game, went to a Broadway show, road through Central Park in a rickshaw...basically did all those fun touristy things.  Such good times.

But now I am home and it's back to business!  So ok, I read a terrifying article on the plane about dangerous chemicals in our environment and plastics and whatnot.  I knew certain types of plastic water bottles can release harmful chemicals, but I never really gave it much thought...until reading this article in Glamour magazine (article title: The New Toxic Threats to Women’s Health).  It talked about BPA and PVC, among other toxins and basically made me want to change my entire life...how I eat, what I drink from, the air I breathe...ok so I can't exactly change that last one, but I just feel like our world is so filled with ickiness and I don't know how to fix it or change it or keep myself safe...I don't even know what IS safe!  (HERE is a post I found about the plastics we interact with daily and their levels of harm)

Well I decided to take it one step at a time and today I started researching chemical free, environmentally friendly water bottles.  In my research I determined that stainless steel water bottles are the best.  So I am going to purchase one of those as well as a Britta.  Plastic bottled water hasta la vista!  (oh! HERE is a web post I thought was very helpful by the way...)

Alrighty so now that we have a plan, I have to decide which water bottle to get...cuz it has to be cute.

Here are my options:
Kleen Kanteen - highly recommended but not very exciting...just solid colors...which isn't bad at all, I would go for the bright pink, but it's just kinda plain.

Earth Lust - love the gal's story who owns the company...love the artwork on the bottles...but can't decide what size I would get because I was kinda thinking the 1 liter would be the best size to get but I like the designs on the smaller 20 oz. bottle way better.

Innate-Gear - free of all sorts of chemicals and meets lots of standards and whatnot, but I don't love the design

New wave Enviro - sounds like a good company...ok designs.

Camelbak - love the name of this company...bottles are insulated (not sure if that matters or not)...designs need work.

Thinksport - love the shape...love the fact that they make chemical free yoga mats too...love their website design although I can't access their online store at the moment...but regardless, this may be a winner.

What do you think?  Which do you like best?  or if you have an awesome, safe, earth-friendly bottle, which do you have??

image credits: Thinksport.com


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