Apr 6, 2011

Scrap Happy

So I just started another new digi-scrapping class.  
I LOVE it already and I'm only two days in.
I'm totally inspired.
In my creative zone.
I pretty much don't want to go to work cuz I just want to work on my project all day long!

ABC Inspiration is a 26 day course in which you create a digi-scrapped album inspired by the alphabet.  It's sorta hard to describe but as I go along I'll post some of my pages...it's gonna be so super cute!

Also scrapping related, I found a few new designers to crush on.  One Little Bird has adorable scrapping products and a lovely website.  Paislee Press is equally fabulous...their products just totally fit my style.  And finally, Sue Cummings and Lydia Designs...these ladies just have beautiful color schemes and really sweet products.

Now, the most awesome thing about these three designers is that they all sell their totally fab goods over at OScraps and I just happened to have received a gift certificate to that online digi-store as an early birthday present!!  Hooray!!  I can't wait to shop shop shop!

And yes, my birthday is a mere 3 hours away...OMG!  Despite the fact that I will be older, I am actually quite a  fan of my birthday.  And that being the case, the celebrations will only just barely begin tomorrow.  I tend to believe one's birthday is not simply one day, it is actually a month-long celebratory event!  Woohoo!  Let the party begin!


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