Apr 2, 2011

E-zine Eye Candy

Holly over at Decor8 posted this list of GORGEOUS design-related e-zines...I'm in heaven...SUCH eye candy!

I have only just recently started perusing e-zines...they are all the rage in the blogosphere these days.  I find them to be totally inspirational and beautiful and just a completely new way to explore content on the web.  However, I discovered that I totally read them differently from how I read a normal glossy mag.  I tend to just skim through them super fast...I think I get super over-stimulated by all the ideas and gorgeousness that I zip through them to the end just to see what is in the e-zine, what I want to read and pay attention to, and what I can let float away out of my consciousness, just to so I feel less overwhelmed.  Then I go back and read the parts I want to read.  Sometimes the amount of amazingness on the web is overwhelming don't you think??

Anyways, back to the list...I LOVE Utterly Engaged and Sweet Paul...some readers mentioned another wedding e-zine I had never heard of that is also so very charming...Nonpareil Mag...ahhhh *love at first sight*

I read a few crafty online mags as well...Carina Garder's e-zine and of course Ginger Scraps Street Magazine, since I am a writer for it after all ;)  And speaking of, the latest edition is online and it's adorable!  My article is on page 23 and I have two layouts in the mag this month as well...page 26, page 30...

Here is one of them...

Have a very happy weekend!  Perhaps grab a cool drink and read a few online glossies...xo.
image credits: Nonpareil


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