Aug 11, 2010

List Love #2

The ability to not only capture a truly beautiful image, but one that conveys very real human emotion is a talent I really admire.

A lot.

And SO wish I had.

Today's list is a collection of my favorite photographers...I want to be JUST like them one day :)
...or maybe, just buy all their work!

1. Nicole Hill
2. Max Wanger
3. Justin Hackworth
4. Relish Photography
5. Linn Woodard at Peaceliving Blog (one of my bff's)
6. Irene Suchoki
7. Livy at A Field Journal Blog
8. Sixth and Main Photography

P.S. this is the camera I am thinking will make me a fabulous photographer ;) ...there is a newer model out, but it's a bit more pricey and I think this one is just as good and so I think I am gonna get it!

image: Canon Rebel T1i


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