Aug 4, 2010

List Love

Sooooooo...I've injured my foot...I have some kind of running injury that supposedly takes three to six months to heal.

Yes, I did say THREE TO SIX MONTHS. I'm so upset. But I guess that means I will not only have a lot more time to blog, but my whining and complaining about the injury will make for some awesome postings. Get excited.

Ok, just kidding...I don't really whine or complain...that much.

Anyways, I've spent quite a bit of my day today just sitting here with an ice pack on my foot, surfing the interwebs and blog hopping. In my travels I came upon Crazy Sexy Life. Not only is the title of this website the PERFECT descriptor for my own life...ok ok, so maybe it's the perfect descriptor for how I wish my life was...anyways, I fell in love with this blog immediately. One of the gals (Kris Carr) on the blog makes Love Lists each week. These love lists are simply lists of things she finds interesting or beautiful or is appreciative of...she says anyone can make these lists at anytime and they don't always have to be serious but can be fun and whimsical! They are simply a reminder of all that is wonderful in our everyday.

I am a list person myself so I LOVE Kris's love lists. Lists in general, help me maintain organization in my busy life, they help me remember things I am constantly forgetting, they are a place for me to jot down ideas, wishes, dreams, desires...

But what I love love love love most about lists is crossing things off of them. It makes me feel productive. Sometimes I won't cross something off right away just so I can cross two or more things off all at once at a later date. That makes me feel like a SUPER overachiever.

Anyways, I thought today I would make a little love list of my own...right here.

Today's list is going to be all about Stationery Companies that I LOVE. I have a deep fondness for stationery...not only are little papers and notebooks great for writing lists, but I think it is just very special when someone takes time out of his/her busy high tech high speed day to pick out, write, and send a card.

Ok here are a few of my faves...
1. Whimsy Press
2. Orange Beautiful
3. Rock Scissors Paper
4. Field Notes
5. Night Owl Paper Goods
6. Curly Girl Designs
7. Erin Condren
8. Fabulous Stationery
9. Ink Spot Workshop
10. The Wheatfield

I bought this print from Orange Beautiful a while back (mine is white)...I love the sentiment.

image credits: Orange Beautiful, "Laugh Dream Love" print


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