Aug 31, 2010

List Love #3

Yes, it's true that we are just a mere baby step away from September but...


That so does not mean it's time to bring out the pumpkins and Halloween candy for goodness sakes. August is still here for a few more hours which means FYI: summer totally is too.

Unfortunately I don't have much sway on the corporate giants of America. Baby Gap and Pottery Barn Kids have their kiddie Halloween costumes ready for purchase, Target has aisles lined with Halloween candy, and well...Starbucks began selling their pumpkins products this week...

If Starbucks has declared that it is now Fall, then Fall it shall be.

Now, I have nothing against Fall, no ill will toward it whatsoever; it's just that time is zipping by at an uncomfortably rapid pace. If it's now Fall then that means it's almost winter which means it's almost Christmas and the next thing I know, it'll be an entirely new year altogether!!

But let's regain our focus. Fall, or specifically September, is a lovely time to make a To-Do List. I love lists of all kinds as we know, but I really love To-Do lists. Now being that it's the start of a new season, and a new school year, and a new month, it would make sense to revisit my already revisited summer goals...


we are very much not going to do that.

I peeked at them and I have not accomplished a single one. That's just so awesome of me.
So we are moving on.
New season, new goals...

Fall's To-Do List:
1. Allow my running injuries to heal and sign up for at least one 5K or 10K
2. Take that darn photography class I've been blabbing about (for reals)
3. Bake a yummy dessert for a party/holiday (I want to become a whiz in the kitchen, but I think making one baked good is a good goal for me as I am easily lost in the kitchen)
4. Start figuring out/organizing/researching what I must do to sell my design/photo/illustrative work
5. Make a vision board (I've kinda already started this so this is a good one to put on the list ;)
6. Find an evening yoga class (now that I'm back to work I can no longer go in the mornings)
7. Start looking for a new apartment (also already started this so I'm rocking this list!)

Totally unrelated, but here is a photo I took in's the Notre Dame Basilica (yes, there's one in Montreal too)...I made the photo artsy and vintage looking...I like it.


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