Aug 2, 2010

The Goals...Revisited...

So being that it is now August, my summer is officially half over. *big sad face plus sigh*

And on that note, I thought I would revisit the goals I laid out at the start of summer and see how I am doing...I have a few more goals I would like to add to the list buuuuuuut...I am SO not adding them if I am not doing so hot with the current goals...

Let's take a peek at the current goals...

1. I will finish the 3-year quilt

**ok, well, the 3-year quilt is still sitting here...along with the scrap quilt I made last week...they both need middles and bottoms and binding...
I suppose this goal is still totally and completely in the works...and now with an additional quilt top.
BUT I did start AND finish an entirely different quilt this summer so that's something!

2. I will finish the little felties whose body parts are scattered all over my crafting table

**and yep, they are still here...ok no progress there...moving on...

3. I will learn how to draw awesome manga eyes (I think those eyes are so totally fabulous and I want to draw them really well)

**ok now this I've kinda made progress on...I've been drawing in my sketch book every night!! Of course, I am focusing on cartoon animals but still, come on, that totally counts!

4. I will finally purchase a new camera and start taking totally fabulous photos

**in the works! I am about to make a purchase in this next week or so! Of course, I haven't decided on the camera but I am so buying it for reals.

5. I will improve my digital scrapping designer skill and perhaps start to share them with the world...

**This blog was totally a first step toward that goal, and I created a scrapping gallery (see sidebar), and I have created 2 new digital kits, AND I have done some other digital design work so I have a few prints I might sell! Phew! That's one goal with a bit of legit progress.

Ok so apparently I have not been focusing all that much on the current goals. Maybe they are more long term goals and we'll visit them again in like December. In the meantime, here are some short term goals I am gonna go ahead and add to the list...

6. Sew some PJ pants
7. Sew some little dresses for my neice
8. Get back to running 5Ks...perhaps a 10K even?
9. Take a photography class OR cake decorating (my friend took this and makes totally fabulous sweets and I want to be her)
10. Figure out how to sell my prints, digi scrapping stuff, and the baby stuff that I sew
11. Go back to work in September with a positive attitude (this is totally gonna be the hardest goal of all)

Now, even though I haven't progressed much on the first set of goals, I'm gonna take a moment to affirm myself. I just want to say that I have TOTALLY been busy pretty much every day this summer making THE CUTEST shizz. OMG. I am proud of myself for getting back into the creative zone. It's felt really good.


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