Aug 13, 2010

All Hemmed Up

In my opinion, getting a package in the mail is pretty much the best thing.


Especially when said package contains a brand new pair of jeans.
Yep I finally found THE jeans and they arrived TODAY! *big smiles*
Really nothing compares to the look and feel of a new pair of jeans...the wash is just the perfect color and the crisp new denim hugs in all the right places...they are just perfect.



It seems that jeans these days, are being made for extraordinarily tall people. I need to dramatically hem each and every pair. And at 5'6" I don't think I would be considered a short person. Anyways, the new jeans arrived today and they were waaaaaaay too long. Since I am heading out of town this weekend and want to bring them with me, there is no time to take them to the alterations place. So I decided to learn how to hem a pair of jeans on my own. I simply looked it up on the web and found this fabulous tutorial and well...........
hemming is like THE EASIEST thing!
I can't believe I've been paying someone else to do it for me all this time!
So my jeans are all hemmed and ready to go. Yay!
Here they are...and no, this pic isn't my actual pair, it's the image from the web of the same jean :)

Rock and Republic Kassandra Book Cut Jean


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