Apr 12, 2012

Sprucing Up...

Goodness!  I need to dust the cobwebs off this little blog of mine.  I took a wee bit of a hiatus...we can blame it on the new boyfriend ;)  Yes he's a distraction, but a totally adorable one. 

It feels good to blog after such a break.  I have a few new endeavors in the works that I am excited to share about and lots of layouts and crafts and well, just random things that are so cute you simply must know all about them!

I have to dash...no, not to meet up with the new bf...I know what you are thinking... ;)
I have to run for reals, but I will be back shortly!  Get ready for a new chapter in blogging here at SSAS...ha!  My blog spells sass backwards but can still be pronounced as "sass"...I kinda like it.  There's some creative potential there.  Hmmm...


Carrie said...

Yeah! You're back!!! XOXO

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