Dec 30, 2010

Thank You! Thank You!

The season of giving has come and gone, and now t'is the time to say THANKS BUNCHES! for all the totally fab gifts you received.

I whipped up these thank you tags as part of a stationery set I am working on...aaaaaaaand kinda sorta hope to sell in the lil online shop I would like to open in 2011 (can we say New Years Resolution??!)

I thought the circular thank yous could be printed on sticky paper and be used as seals on the envelopes of your thank you notes and the others could be little thank you tags you could stick in a potted plant or tie to a little goodie of sorts...I think they are kinda cute. a test can download the circles HERE!  It's my thank you to you!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  You are a gem and I love love love your visits :)

p.s. I am back from my little vacay.  It was lovely to be away.  But I am happy to be home again!


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