Oct 26, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Fonts...

I am currently on the search for new totally fabulous fonts to add to my collection of faves.  I have tons of fonts...like TONS...but I can't seem to get enough!!

Since I have fonts on the brain, I thought I'd share a little sampling of my faves with you...perhaps you'd like to add some great go-to fonts to your collection...

1. Century Gothic is of course a standard option that comes with most applications, but it is totally one of my faves

2. Honey Script is adorable.  Just a fun, light-hearted grily script.

3. Decker is a great sans serif...similar to Century Gothic, but has a bit of character to it.

4. Texas Hero is one of my all time favorite old fashioned script fonts.

5. Blackjack is a fun script with some funk and attitude. Love it.

6. Masterplan is an awesome grungy font...it's all caps just so you know, but it's rad.

7. Riesling is classy and sophisticated and kinda cutesy.


ahappymommy said...

i love the wendy font =)

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