Oct 5, 2010

It's the Teacher In Me...

I'll admit it.  
I'm a Grammar Nazi.  Big time.
The sounds of double negatives and subject/verb dis-agreements absolutely make me cringe; I wince at the sight of punctuation placed outside a pair of quotations marks and the misuse of homophones such as your and you're; and I actually enjoy reading books dedicated to grammar and punctuation rules.  
I'm that girl.
I thoroughly enjoy editing papers.  I edit my blog posts again and again to make sure all grammar rules are followed.  And well...I often find myself editing the random blog post I may read while hopping around the interwebs...omg.

With that being said, I therefore found this list, entitled Typographic Sins, incredibly fascinating. 
Do you understand the difference between the em dash, en dash, and hyphen??  Do you take care of your widows and orphans??  Well I most certainly hope so ;)


Catherine said...

lol!! I think perhaps I'd better read Typographic Sins!

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