Mar 21, 2011

Happy Happy!

First of all how could I have possibly let a delightfully colorful newsletter from Rock Scissor Paper just sit in my inbox all weekend long??  And secondly how could I have done so when it had such Happy News tucked inside?!

First of all I adore the ladies of Rock Scissor Paper.  I had the opportunity to meet them at a Stationery Workshop they taught a while back and they were not only inspiring and fun and just absolutely fabulous in every way, but they also were generous with their knowledge and time, and just willing to share everything they had learned throughout their creative journey.  It truly was awesome.

Anyways, the email I just finally opened introduced a few of their new products which is always fun, but most importantly, it had a "save the date" section just for So. Cal locals....aka ME.  *smiling really big*   This section was announcing two super awesome events: a Craft Workshop in conjunction with Tom's Shoes (OMG LOVE THEM so I MUST go!) and the arrival of Unique LA, an independent design boutique/fair...both will be here in a little over a month!  Awesome.  I am SUPER EXCITED.  I love these kinds of things.

Also the newsletter had a link to RSP's blog and I found this posting which I thought was just the yummiest and so cute, and I would so totally make these tasty treats for my sweetheart if I had any baking skills whatsoever.  As it is, I don't even think I own a whisk, let alone have a clue what a pastry cutter is; and is unsalted butter different than regular butter??  I'm thinking I wouldn't get too far through this recipe before disaster would strike.  Dang it.  But they do look delish, don't they?

Happy Monday!

image credits: Rock Scissors Paper - Make Something Happy Blog


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