Sep 15, 2010

Eye Candy

I think I would really enjoy being a wedding planner.
I mean, I've never actually planned a wedding before, but I have been in twelve of them...and I really really love...bridal blogs and magazines.  We are talkin' serious eye candy...I'm a sucker for stunning color combos, gorgeous flowers, and well, love ;)  I just like to see all the creative ways couples make their special day truly special, truly unique.

I came across this article on Etsy about a completely handmade wedding.  Everything from the bridesmaids hair clips to the wedding invitations to the ceremony decor was purchased from shops on Etsy.  Go look at the photos STAT.  Serious eye candy.  I LOVE everything about this wedding.  I want to BE in this wedding.

And I so want one of those bridesmaid pinwheels.  
Isn't that the cutest idea??!  
Love it.

image credits: rule42


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