Sep 7, 2010

The Perils of Being a Lefty.

I am left-handed.
And proud.
We lefties are rare diamonds in the rough.
And, yes, I do mean it when I say "rough"...this is a rough and tough right-handed world in which we live.

Take spiral notebooks for instance.
I can't write in one.
It's a challenge writing on an overhead projector while lecturing because students cannot see the words I write; my left hand covers them!
And don't get me started on college desks...I was repeatedly banished to the edges of the classroom where the lone lefty desk would reside.

So yes, sometimes it's a challenge being so very special.

This further outlines the perils of being left-handed.

A friend of mine posted it on facebook. I thought it was funny.
I like where it says that lefties have a tendency to make more money than righties. I wonder just when that kicks in. Cuz let me tell ya, I am still waiting.


My Owl Barn said...

One of my friends is left handed. I'll forward this to her, she will too find it funny :)

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