Nov 15, 2010

It's Barely Thanksgiving Buuuuut...

I saw some adorable Christmas wrapping paper the other day and just had to share.

But, first of all, do you love the Container Store as much as I do??
Oh lordy.
I could buy containers all day long.
I mean good grief I will walk out of that store with brand new snazzy containers for things I had no idea even needed to be contained before I got in there.  And side note: in all honesty, those items in most cases had been perfectly fine my entire life un-contained and probably would have been perfectly fine for the rest of my life without an expensive container, but goodness, those containers were just so fancy-looking in the store I had to have them.

Anyways, around this time of year the Container Store has some quite fabulous holiday goodies...things like wrapping paper, stocking stuffers, containers to contain all of your holiday wrapping and stocking stuffing's marvelous really.

I stumbled upon their holiday wrapping and thought they had a lovely collection this year...some were cute and fun, some were kind of retro and modern, and not gonna lie, there were some ugly ones too, but we'll focus on the are some of the ones I liked:

They are kinda cute and funky I think...a little different for the holidays...check 'em well as some of the fun stocking stuffers like these...or these.

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