Nov 4, 2010

Yes. I'm a Spontaneous Doodler.

...or if you'd rather, a doodle addict.  

Put a writing implement in my hand and I will draw.  
I draw during staff meetings, on napkins in restaurants, on my students' tests while I am grading them, while talking on the phone or watching a rental...I am a doodler.  
And guess what?!  
I am so not alone!  
I stumbled upon this gem today...a little corner of the blog world for people just like me.  yay.  

You've got to check out the napkin doodling.  OMG.  We are talking serious works of art here.  I gotta step up my game. Next time I go out to eat, I'm bringing out the big guns.  Ok, ok...maybe just some colored markers, but still.

image courtesy of Doodlers Anonymous


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