Feb 12, 2011

I Like Wedding Stuff

Not that I am getting married any time soon or anything, but I happened to be perusing the inspiration galleries over at Martha Stewart Wedding the other day and well, bookmarked a few things...ya know, for future reference...should I ever need them.

For instance, this collection of their favorite Wedding Palettes.  I love this.  There were definitely a few color combos I would never choose in a million years (umm hello marigold and pewter???), but I love color combos in general and just found these to be artistically inspiring.

I enjoyed the gallery of Wedding Decorations as well.  SO many adorable ideas.  Again, quite a few I could certainly do without...I mean a wheat wreath??  Really?  But the wine bottle table numbers, carnation clusters, and the hanging lanterns were among my faves.

On the other hand, I thought this gallery...of supposedly Gorgeous Wedding Gowns was hideous.  I liked maybe one gown out of the 54 spotlighted in the selection.

Regardless, always worthwhile to spend a few spare moments on important research such as this ;)

image credits: Martha Stewart Wedding


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