Feb 15, 2011

Resolutions Failed

My number one resolution for the year was to create a realistic budget, stick to it, and save a little more money...it didn't even have to be a lot more money, but to at least save something.

Since January 1st, however, I have never spent more money in my entire life. 

What is going on??! 

And for reals, I am not a crazy shopper or anything...life has just been expensive these past 6 weeks for some reason. 
I can't explain it.
But it has got to stop.
I just read the Confessions of a Shopaholic and OMG I think I am becoming the main character. 

I popped into Old Navy after work today and they were having an incredible sale.  I bought a few things.  Even though I just told myself NO MORE SPENDING.  But these really were things I needed.  And they really were very, very inexpensive.  That make it ok, right??

In unrelated photo below: new Coach handbag I will NOT be purchasing, but do love quite a bit.

  image credits: Coach.com


Anonymous said...

i read that book when it came out -- so fun! i saw the movie, too. if you haven't seen the movie yet, that's good since the book is so much better. :D

by the way, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog -- you totally made my day!

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