Feb 1, 2011

Self Portrait

I don't usually make digital scrapbook pages of myself...I mean just me...but some of the greatest artists of all time have self portraits in their repertoire...and after browsing others' scrapping galleries I came to realize that sometimes it's nice to look back at photos of yourself and remember just what made you smile at that one particular moment, what were your wishes and dreams, who were you then, and who have you become...A self portrait allows us see how beautiful we are. 

So I decided to try a few self portraits and it was really a cathartic, "getting in touch with my inner self" sort of experience.  I really quite liked it.  Here are a few of my self portrait digi scrap layouts...I love 'em!

My Self Portraits.


Carrie said...

You are too cute!

Catherine said...

Well now, you've not only made a couple of really good portraits, your made really good layouts to show them off! Very, very nice indeed! :)

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