Feb 16, 2011

Photo Ninja Here I Come

I signed up for my photography class today.  

I am...

Now I can feel completely legit when I walk around town with my camera dangling around my neck. For years I've been a little photo wannabe, a starry eyed dreamer, walking around as if I were a total photo ninja, totally pretending to know exactly what I was doing (even though I hadn't a clue) and yet trying to appear as if I were a total pro ;)  

Oh I crack myself up.  

Well now I am going to learn how to use my new slr camera appropriately...and perhaps explore settings beyond the automatic ones...I hope to just really get to know the basics of this new hobby of mine.  
I can't wait.
I will share some of my photos with you...if they are any good that is...I am totally only showing the good stuff.
ha ha ha.



Anonymous said...

SO EXCITED for you about this class! I have thought about taking it, but since I took her little session at the Creative Photography Retreat a few years back, I was afraid that the material would overlap too much. You'll have to tell me how you like it! Can't wait to see your photos!

Catherine said...

I have you're having fun Sara - I'm looking forward to seeing all these fabulous pics! :)

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