Feb 27, 2011

Love to Party

Ok, I am totally exhausted and my weekend is totally over.

It was all party all the time this weekend.
Family was in town to celebrate birthdays and pregnancies and engagements and all sorts of good things...it was good times.

I snapped some pics.

Actually lots of pics.
In fact, I totally filled my memory card.
Conveniently just when my photography class is starting.  Geez.

Here are some pics from the b-day celebrations...
We made like over 50 teeny tiny cupcakes!
Oh ok ok, so I  didn't contribute much to the cupcake construction since I am not allowed to bake (long story)...but the fam made like 50-something cupcakes!  Aren't they super cute?!

I can't wait until I know how to make my photos look super awesome.
I am still in that experimental composition and editing phase of my photography education...sooooo perhaps just keep that tidbit of info in mind as you look at the photos I post ;)

P.S. One day I totally want to throw a party using of THESE party boxes...SO adorable.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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