Jul 8, 2011

Barely Survived.

I moved into a new apartment this week.
And I love it.
It's super cute.
But the thing about moving is that it is not only the biggest pain in the butt (well, next to my real pain in the butt), but it means that you are inevitably without internet access for at least two days as your cable subscription transitions...hence my lack of posts for the past few days.  Living without the internet is practically impossible.  Seriously, how did we ever do it before??  I mean, there was a time, not that long ago, when I, and people in general, rarely used the internet, if at all.  
I know.  
Crazy talk.
But we survived just fine during those days.  So in theory we should be able to survive today without immediate access to the web.  However, after a few days in my apartment sans internet, you'd be convinced that theory was boloney.  I barely made it.  I was starting to get physical reactions due to my lack of cyber connectivity.

Well, finally today, after much anticipation, the cable guy arrived to set up my TV and internet. However...
as per usual...
because nothing in my life is ever simple...
it seems my sparkling fancy new apartment has faulty cable wiring and does NOT receive a cable signal and therefore canNOT get cable.  
OF COURSE it can't.  
of course.  
So it seems I will be without cable for a bit longer than expected.  Like several weeks longer than expected.  Lordy.  They have to rewire my apartment or something complicated and technical like that.
I am stoked as you can imagine.
(and by stoked I mean not. stoked.).

But ya know, this is just another ordinary day in my world ;) 

On a sort of related note but not quite, here is an adorable side table and chair I think I may need to purchase for my new apartment.  

It would be awesome to watch some cable TV or view the internet from this darling chair, but...oh right, I DON'T HAVE CABLE. 


Lana Koopman said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling way out of sorts without internet. We lost power a few nights ago for only about 4 hours but I was absolutely lost!

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