Jul 3, 2011

A Real Pain in the Bum...


I've had a literal, real life pain in my bum (and back) for the past two months-ish and well, it completely knocked me off my feet for a bit there.  No pun intended, although it totally did literally knock me off my feet.  
I've pretty much been on my couch all day every day.*

I am still not quite 100%...
I'd say maybe 72ish%...
some days I'm dancing around the 35% mark which is rather undesirable....
But other days I'm almost 83% which is awesome.  I can go to the grocery store on those days ;)  


This has been quite the test of patience, peace, and faith.
For me, little miss jets-to-the-gym-daily-loves-to-run-do-yoga-kill-it-in-spin-class-hop-from-this-activity-to-the-next, sitting all day on my bumsky, for weeks on end has been difficult to say the least. 

Due to what seems to be some sort of sciatic nerve issue, I've definitely done a 180 degree lifestyle change...which in the grand scheme of things, hasn't been bad really.  I almost wonder if the universe was just trying to slow me down so I could take a look at my life,  recenter myself, remember what makes me happy and what doesn't, and reprioritize.  

While I most certainly had (still have) hard, completely non-positive days when I thought I would be debilitated forever and that my fate in life was to lie on a couch watching movies all day every day (I'm super overly dramatic at times...my family loves it), I would say overall, during this time, I have definitely become a more peaceful, centered person.  I might have been a bit of stress case prior to this, running at 120 mph, not eating well, or sleeping well, totally unfocused creatively cuz I had too much zipping through my head at any given time...but now, after slowing my life to a mere 5 mph pace, reading many healing through meditation books, soaking daily in warm baths, having much time to sit in peace and creative contemplation, work on my crafts, visit with family and friends...I'm feeling pretty good.

I am a big fan of Angel Cards and Positivity Cards.  I do them everyday and find them to be so uplifting and positive.  They have certainly helped me through this time.  Every card I pull seems to be EXACTLY what I need to hear.  And they are pretty too. 

These are the ones I like if you wanna give them a try.  They truly are beautiful and the words they speak are so encouraging even if you don't believe in this kind of thing at all :)

Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards
(I believe your purchase supports ocean/marine life causes...awesome)

This is my very favorite Mermaid and Dolphin card...
awww...*warm fuzzy*

I have so missed blogging!  Well now that I really think I am in the healing phase...I still have some doctors to see and whatnot, but I really think I am on the up and up...I will be here much more regularly!  I may even have some artsy downloads for you since I 've been doing a lot of creative crafting lately.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend those of you in the grand ol'
US of A!

*on my couch all day every day = catching up on lots and lots of movies! reviews to come in a later post perhaps...


Lana Koopman said...

So glad to see you back again! I totally feel for you and wish you a full recovery very soon. Glad to hear you are looking for the good in the situation too–that has got to count for something when it comes to healing.

I really want to take the new digital design class. I just saw it today and am sooo excited!!!

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