Jan 4, 2011


New Year's Resolutions certainly don't last very long.
Why is that??

I was SO pumped Jan. 1 and 2.  
I finally got my new camera last month (*squeals of joy*) so my goal for the new year was to complete Project 365.  
Now, I knew going in that this was super ambitious of me being that Project 365 is an every-single-day-for-the-entire-year activity, but still...I thought I would at least make it through one month.  

I lasted TWO DAYS.
I totally didn't take a picture yesterday!  
Are you allowed to take two photos in one day and have it count for a missed day????  
Maybe you are allowed a couple of do-overs?? A few free days perhaps??
...I mean the start of the year has got to be hard for everyone...going back to work and all that...right???  
I couldn't possibly be the only one that blew it right out of the gate could I??

oh I totally am aren't I.

How are you doing on your new year's goals??
You are totally rockin' them. I know it.  Oh I'm such a New Year's Resolution loser.

Ok let's talk about something less depressing...like my new camera!
I'd like to get a really great camera strap for it.  Something that is really ME.
I've started looking around.
So far I've found these ones.
and these ones.
and theeeeese ones...kinda fun and funky. Faux zebra print would be kinda fun, right?!

I could probably make one...but I'm not feeling super motivated sewing-wise...think I'm just gonna let someone else do the hard work for me this time around ;)

Here's the zebra print strap from My Funky Camera...so cute...
I think it may be fuzzy...even better.
image credits: My Funky Camera


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