Jan 17, 2011

Super Cute Pocket Planner

One of my very favorite illustrators has turned her drawings into a little pocket planner.

Oh isn't it just adorable.

My mom just gave me this calendar (which is beautiful), and I was going to purchase that super cute calendar from Creative Thursday, but the one above, by Geninne, is a planner, so it's totally different which means I can totally get it.

You can never have too many calendars, right?
I mean it never hurts to know just where you need to be at all times!

Anyways, Geninne is a beautiful illustrator and I would love to have her planner just for that fact alone.  I like to read her blog because she often writes about how she creates her work.  I find it very inspiring.  I would like to eventually do that on my blog too...I just need to find the time to actually sit down and create!  Things are kind of busy right now...sometimes that whole work thing sure gets in the way... ;)


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