Jan 15, 2011

The Sweet Stuff

This was a busy week at work...hence the lack of posts the past few days.
But halleluia!  It's a three-day weekend!

Perhaps we should celebrate with a little vino ;)

I'm a white wine gal...sweet white wines, to be specific...but I have been trying very hard to find a red to like.  I just think drinking red wine makes one look so sophisticated and cultured, and oh, just kinda fancy.  I simply must find one so I too can be fancy.

Well, it just so happens I was recently introduced to this.

Ok, so it's probably not really a red wine...it's more like candy in a glass, but it IS red!  And I like it.  If I wasn't careful it's quite possible I could down the whole bottle in a few short minutes.  It's that good.  I would highly suggest picking up a bottle if you too enjoy a sweet toddy now and again.

Well I am off to enjoy my three days...hope you have a fabulous weekend friends!

Il Conte d'Alba Stella Rosa 


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