Jan 3, 2011

Monday Monday Monday...

Well, it was back to work today after a gloooooorious two weeks off.  Oh how I could so get used to not working...I mean, seriously, you can just get so much done when you aren't spending 8 hours of your day at work!  I so enjoyed every moment of my relaxing holiday break, but let me tell ya, I was uber-productive...my never-ending To-Do list has whittled away to practically nothing!  But now it is back to reality...work and routine and all that...but it's the start of a brand spanking new year!  I kinda like the sound of 2011...

I think it has a nice sound to it...it's a nice set of five syllables...sounds strong and positive...I really do think good things are coming our way this year...I can just feel it. 

Well the start of a new year is always a good time to get organized and there is no better way to get organized than to buy a new calendar to plan out your new weekly schedule for the year.  I LOVE calendars.  It is one of the first purchases I make each year.  I love to sit with my new, fresh, clean, blank calendar and fill in everyone's birthdays and anniversaries, my upcoming trips and days off of work ;)  It's a fun activity for the start of the year.  I inevitably smear a few birthdays and think why oh why did I choose this pen?!  The perfectionist in me will attempt to turn the smudge into a little heart or flower irked that the fresh new calendar has such a blemish...seriously, happens every year! I am behind schedule however...I haven't purchased my new calendar yet.  I am thinking THIS is the one I am going to get.  I love Creative Thursday.  Her work is ADORABLE.  Isn't this calendar just so sweet?!

Yep. I think this is definitely the one. Love it.
 image credits: Creative Thursday


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